Will Begging Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back?


Can I get my ex back after begging and pleading via YouTube

If you’re looking at this post then you more than likely embarrassed yourself after your ex broke up with you. Am I correct? You want to know what your chances are of getting them back. I’ve been in your situation before. In fact, I went through a horrible breakup and I begged and did a few things out of character. However, I still managed to get them back. I am now the author of Getting Back the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted: A Step by Step Guide on How to Get Your Ex Back. It’s funny how life works, right?

Did Begging, Crying, and Pleading Make the Breakup Worse?

Yes, yes it did. Before you click off the page because I didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear, wait a minute. Yes, the extra emotions didn’t help but you still have a chance. Blowing up their phone, sending back to back messages, and showing them how much you care about them in a short period of time is overwhelming for anybody. Put yourself in their shoes. If you wanted space from someone but they aren’t giving it to you, how would you feel?

What You Should Do to Fix It

You need to implement the no contact rule. At minimum, you shouldn’t reach out to your ex for 14 days. If the breakup was severe, you shouldn’t reach out for 30 days. The purpose of this rule is give your ex time, cool off, and wonder how you’re doing. They won’t be curious as to what you’re up to if you’re always contacting them. You want them to miss you.

Even if your ex comes back because they feel sorry for you, it won’t last long. You want them to respect you and look at like an equal. The worse possible scenario is your ex looking down on you. Give your ex some time to breathe. Do not contact them for any reason related to the relationship. Also, don’t look for reasons to contact your ex if it isn’t 100% necessary.

How to Improve Your Odds of Getting Them Back

Upgrade your life. Upgrade your appearance. Fix the problem. They left for a reason. You need to find a life without them. It’s possible to do. You were fine before you met them so you will be fine during this period of trying to get them back.

The secret is showing your ex that you are happy without them. Human beings always want what they can’t have. We also cling to other’s energy. If you were your ex, would you want to be around somebody with great energy or depressing energy? Exactly. Become the person that you would want to be around.

After the no contact rule period is done, write them a letter similar to the one in my book. The purpose of this letter is to reverse the damage that was done. This letter shouldn’t be sent through text, email, or social media. Physically write them a letter and mail it.

This is the exact method that I used to get my ex back and it worked. My ex went from ignoring every text and call to texting and calling me first – this was all after him leaving me for someone else. I’ve been around the block so I know what makes the human mind tick. If the love was real then there is no action that can stop a person from going after what they want.

You can download my book about how to get your ex back here.