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STEP ONE - Becoming the Best Version of Yourself & Removing Your Separation Anxiety

Before jumping into healing any relationship, you need to heal yourself. You must become one with yourself again. Getting your heart broken can ruin your self-esteem, confidence, and much more. We often make the mistake that we need to get our ex's back ASAP, but when we move too fast we make things worse. The goal is to make the relationship better than before, not just get them back. In order to do that, we must become the best version of ourselves.  

STEP TWO - Initiating Damage Control

After a breakup, we have a tendency to "freak out" because we don't want the relationship to end. We act out in a manner that's not healthy to us or the other individual. It's natural if you did this. You may have called or text your ex excessively, bothered their friends and family, said distasteful things to them, etc.. It happens to the best of us. I was once in your shoes. I get it. I did it. Now, it's time to implement my "damage control" method to stop your ex from looking at you like someone who they don't want anything to do with.

STEP THREE -  Make Them Regret Not Being With You

The key to making your ex want you back more than ever is making them think about you 24/7. You will learn how to do so and make your ex start to initiate contact with you first. Your ex will feel like getting back together is their idea. You will learn how to make your ex look at you in a different light. In their mind, they will want a fresh start because they see you as a new and improved person that they once cared for.  

STEP FOUR -  Make the Relationship Better Than Before

You will learn how to build a new, solid, foundation with your ex so your relationship can thrive. If you believe that this person is someone who you want to date long term, then the both of you need to learn how to communicate effectively with each other, build trust, and more. You will learn how to do so in this final stage.

Just imagine what your relationship could look like 6 months from now if you started with the right plan today. I have cracked the code on how to get your ex back even when it seems impossible. I have done it myself even though my ex left me for someone else.  I am confident that no situation is hopeless." - The Love Gal


How I went from being ignored and disrespected to being the one calling the shots
How I reversed being rejected to having my ex calling and texting me first
How to make your ex miss you and regret not being with you
How to fix the mistakes in the relationship to make it better than before
How I made my ex look at me like someone they wanted to get to know again
How to become your ex's comfort zone again
Time and attention is needed for your ex to get attached to you again. You will learn how to get back close to your ex without begging for their attention. This transition will be seamless to make things as natural as possible
Tension is at an all time high after a breakup. Any and everything can be turned into an issue if you don't know how to approach communicating with them. You will learn how to diffuse the tension between you and your ex
It will help you know what to do to get your ex to see you as a new person. This will prevent them looking for something new in someone else. You will learn how to get your ex to see you as someone that they want to be with more than ever
You won't have to beg your ex to spend time with you or work things out. You will learn how to get your ex to spend time with you because they want to, not because you want them to...
The #1 secret to getting your ex to crave you is getting them to think about them all the time. You will learn the exact techniques on how to get your ex to think about you all the time even when they don't want to.
This book will guide you to the solution to your problem. Even if you acted out of character, there is a way to reverse the damage and make your ex see you how they saw you in the beginning. You will learn how to undo the emotional stress that you may caused with your words after the breakup.
What if you knew what made your ex happy without them telling you? This guide will tell you how to find out their language of love to help you understand them better and what they love you to do for them.
You will learn how to stop the flow of separation anxiety you're feeling from your ex rejecting you. The first step to getting them back is soothing your anxiety. By doing so, you will avoid acting out of impulse and making a mistake that will set you back.
There is nothing worse than finally getting what you want and losing it because you don't know the right way to communicate with your partner. You will learn how to diffuse future so you won't relapse with your partner and breakup again.
The plot twist in your situation is that the person who is doing the rejecting holds the power. You will learn how to reverse the rejection that your ex has on you and make them feel rejected (in a respectful manner). By doing so, they will want to cling to you instead. Every ounce of them will want you. You will take over their thoughts.

The law of attraction will bring your ex back to you single handedly. You will learn how to leverage the law of attraction to bring your dream situation with your ex to you.
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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Ex Back

 This 100-page guide will mentor you through the complicated process of getting your ex back with ease. While focusing on reversing the damage up until today, you will learn psychological triggers that will make your ex desire you more than ever. With countless proven results worldwide, no situation can go unsettled. Your complicated situation will be a thing of the past once you stick to this results driven plan. Not only will you lure your ex back into your life with your new energy, you will make them crave for your attention. “Getting Back the Relationship You Always Wanted” is not only a self-help guide on how to get your ex back; it is a guide to make your relationship more trustworthy, loving, and exciting than before.

Before You Ask, Yes It Will Work For You.

getting your ex back

You may think that your situation is so much different than others but in reality, it's not. Your situation may seem impossible to fix - it's not. How is that? Because the human mind works exactly the same when it comes to emotions. If you knew how to trigger certain emotional points in your ex's mind, you will get them to stop rejecting you sooner rather than later. Instead of guessing, you can follow the plan that has helped thousands of people worldwide not only get their ex back, but make the relationship better than before. 



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I just need you to do one  favor for me! I need you to tell all of your subscribers how you saved my relationship with your book . I was so stubborn to even get it but I finally broke down and just downloaded it. Last month, my ex (now current again) got back in contact with me after 3 years of pushing me away. Now, we are REALLY in love with each other all over again. Thank you for putting this book together for people like me who had no hope
You are AMAZING ! 


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I am a real person who has been trying to reconnect with my ex for over 2 years. I met Amber on YouTube after months of frustration working with other individuals. I paid a lot of money for programs I did the work but what makes Amber unique and different is that she takes the time to understand you and your relationship and gives sound advice based on your situation. I am amazed at the progress I have made with Amber, I was able to get in touch with my guy the same day I reached out which is unbelievable but not really. I felt like I had a lot of resistance and after working with Amber I no longer have resistance nor attachment to the outcome or situation. This is a real person who was skeptical at first but took a chance and I am glad I did. Stay tuned for more updates from me and my guy.

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