How I Got My Ex Back

If you’re reading this post on how I got my ex back then you’re looking for hope in your situation. I recommend that you read this post until the end. I was once in your shoes. My name is Amber and I am now the author of Getting Back the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted : A step-by-step guide on how to get your ex back. It’s funny how life turns around.

You’re about to find out about what I went through and how I got my ex back. I know how you’re feeling. In fact when I lost my boyfriend, I did the exact same thing you just did. I went to the Internet looking for answers. I tried everything on my own and my own tactics didn’t work. After my boyfriend and I broke up, he wouldn’t even talk to me. He treated me like the enemy.

What I Went Through With My Ex

When I met my ex, I thought he was so different. He made me feel a way that no man had ever made me feel. It was a feeling that was so deep that I honestly didn’t see myself being with anyone else. We talked all day and all night. He was the first person I heard from and the last person I would talk to before I went to bed. I was in love. He claimed he was in love too.

One day, I found out he was cheating on me. It wasn’t just a typical one night stand. He got himself a whole new girlfriend. I confronted him about it and he dumped me. My head was spinning. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

The worst thing about the whole situation was that he treated me like I was the enemy and I didn’t do anything wrong. He would barely respond to me and when he did, he was rude. For some reason, I still wanted him back.

The Steps I Took to Get My Ex Back

I used to text or call my ex almost everyday. He rarely responded or didn’t respond at all. Then, I stumbled on the no contact rule. What is the no contact rule? It means you stop contacting your ex for 14 to 30 days. That means no text, no calling, no messages or comments on social media, no communication through friends, etc..

This technique might give you anxiety. You feel like if you don’t contact them then they will forget about you or move on. It’s not possible for them to forget about you or move on seriously if their feelings were genuine. Take this time and go missing in action. This will only help you. By not contacting them, you are opening the doors for them to start thinking about you. They can’t miss you if you’re always contacting them and letting them know how emotional you are. That will only make the situation worse.

I Made My Ex Want Me Back

When you go from talking to someone everyday to not hearing from them at all, flips a switch. My ex started to wonder why I went from contacting him all the time to not contacting him at all. On social media, I made it a point to look happy and not mention him. I gave myself a slight makeover as well.

After the no contact period, I sent my ex a letter. I physically wrote him a letter (like the one I talk about in my book) and mailed it to him. I made it a point to spritz it with the scent he loved the most to send him a subliminal reminder.

When he received the letter, he text me first! It was actually pleasant. He was actually being nice to me again. Before I knew it, he was the one contacting me first. He would ask if he could call and talk to me and everything. It was a complete turn of events.

I stood my ground. I would never tell him that I missed him or loved him. I let him do the chasing. Human beings naturally want something that they can’t have. If a person knows that you are always accessible then they won’t pay you any mind. The moment you reject them and act like you don’t want them is the moment they will want you.

It worked for me like a charm. He broke up with that other girl and was on my coattail heavy.

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