how to handle being cheated onIs there a good way to handle getting cheated on? Being cheated on can end up leaving you with a bad feeling that may not go away. You will be left with feelings of confusion, hurt, anger, sadness and betrayal. However, you still need to realize that this whole process of being cheated on can actually end up being more of a blessing in disguise. What a lot of people realize later on is that this is something that you may be thankful for. Right now it hurts because you trusted your significant other. 

How to Handle Being Cheated On

How can being cheated on be a good thing? You need to remember that any  affair is  a sign that there is something deeper going on. A secure, functioning relationship will have the ability to work with the two people melding together with mutuality.

A partner will be fully transparent with their partner. They will protect the other person only only in private, but also in public. Your partner will use in a fair and sensitive way. Whenever a partner cheats, it will result in an emotional crisis. It can transform your relationship into functioning or complete chaos. When you stop to think about it, an affair can be the best way of realizing that you are not set up to be with this person for the rest of your life.

When you try to stay with someone who has cheated, the affair will be a scar or blemish on your relationship. This scar will  remind both of you of all of your short comings. In some instances, this can be a motivator to remind them that they need to do better in the relationship. However, the main take away that you get from cheating is the lesson of regret. If you are unable to embrace regret, the chances are good that you will keep on going with a behavior that is self-harming.

Why Do Some People Cheat?

  1. There are some cheaters who cheat because they find the dependency on another person to be threatening and frightening. Sometimes, cheating seems to be a solution that a person will go to when they are starting to feel trapped.
  2. There is also the instance where a person will cheat because they are not getting the admiration and satisfaction out of their current relationship. Getting the attention that they need from another party can sometimes make a person feel alive and worthy.
  3. Some people cheat because they know deep down that their partner is too good for them. Cheating will open the door to control their partner mentally. Their partner will feel rejected so they will stay to try to prove that they are worthy.

Whenever you are cheated on, you need to take a few steps back to analyze your relationship and where you want it to go in the future. If this is something that the two of you feel that you can work through, there needs to be an open line of communication so that you can be on the same page moving forward. There is not always a perfect solution for such a trying time in your relationship and no two couples are alike.

Realize that you deserve to be happy. If your partner is blaming you for their cheating then they are not sorry. There’s no excuse for cheating. Don’t let them trick you into staying. If they didn’t tell you about them cheating on you and you had to find out, they aren’t sorry. If they apologize a million times after getting caught, they are sorry that you found out. They are sorry that their mistakes are causing you to end the relationship. Know the difference.