how to fix a relationshipHolding on to the string of your relationship will cause you a lot of heartache and sometimes drama. It sucks when you love someone but things are going down hill. Perhaps you lost your partner and you want to know how to get your ex back as well as how to fix the relationship. Or, maybe you still have them but you need to know how to keep them. In this article, I will be giving you sincere advice that should help you on your journey.

How to Fix Your Broken Relationship

Are you ready to hurt? Love is pain. Ask anyone who has had the typical relationship. It is all ups and downs. A good relationship takes a ton of growing and never-ending work. A good relationship is not for lazy people.  It isn’t for lukewarm people. It is only for people who really want it and want it so much that they are willing to do the hard work. The question I have for you is are you ready to do some heavy lifting? Are you ready to take the lead? Are you ready for things to go a lot differently than you have planned?

It’s your responsibility. Who messed things up? What an honest question. Which one of you does the most damage in your relationship? If you are the ‘good’ person in your relationship, you have the most heavy lifting to do. You have the finishing blow, trump, kill card in your deck to pull out at any moment when your partner isn’t cooperating or doing their part to make your relationship better. Your struggled and growth tool is going to be never playing that card.  There is definitely no rest for the weary because when you decide to forgive, move forward and to build your relationship. Build it into something better you will end up with even more work than your partner.

Fix Your Relationship One Day at a Time

 Guilt is not the same thing as honor, as integrity or being a good person. You do not get 5000 points to Gryffindor by admitting your wrongs. That is just after the drift of guilt, resolution, reconciliation and forgiveness. Oddly enough, you might need to be the one who forgives themselves. Each person has a lot of work to do. Both parties has to openly want to fix their relationship in order for it to get fixed.

Are you in it for the long haul? Most people really aren’t workers. They don’t really work hard at work, they don’t really work hard at home, they rarely truly push themselves in a transformative way. They are just after the current and drifting in the direction that people like for them to drift.  A relationship is hard work and you need to be in it fully to get better. You need to be in it to learn and to refine your personality to become a better person. We learn more about ourselves, personality, flaws, soft spots and secret strengths while in a relationship – especially a challenging relationship.

As you can see, this is going to take work.  More so than work it is going to take the right mindset. It is going to take laying a foundation and framework for change to happen. It is going to take dual responsibility and different challenges for each person to improve their relationship. You are going to have to learn a ton of new skills and address all of your issues both emotionally and rationally.

How to Move Forward

Both of you  must put everything on the table and lay out all of your cards. In order to fix your relationship, problems must be addressed and solved for the most part. Fixing your relationship will take both you genuinely wanting to be with each other. Both of you have to come to the conclusion that you respect the relationship and each other enough to move forward. There shouldn’t be any lying, disrespect, infidelities, or selfishness in the relationship for it to move forward.

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