So I just spent 3 hours at the nail shop with my sister. Is that normal? Of course not. Our nail tech is the truth and we are really comfortable around her. It’s almost like we’re friends. We exchange stories and what not about things and people around us. I noticed that the common denominator in each story was the women not listening to their men’s honesty. The conversation started out by me telling them about this guy who was interested in me. The only difference was that he was super honest with me. He didn’t beat around the bush and lead me on to believe that he wanted a relationship. All I could do is respect him for his honesty. A good 90% of men lie about their true intentions. However, we got to other stories and all I can say is, “man oh man.” I’m not hear to put their issues on blast but it was really shocking to hear what women go through with their “men.” This post is to let my women know why it’s important to listen to a man’s actions.

Why You Should Listen to His Actions

We as women always see the potential in what a man can be and not what they now are. We live in fairy tales and pay so much attention to the little sweet things that they do and ignore the harsh realities that they give us. Why should we listen to a man’s honesty? Because you will only be hurting yourself over and over by staying in a situation that doesn’t give you what you deserve. He’s telling you the truth one way or another – either with his words or actions. Listen to him. By staying around after a man tells you over and over what his true intentions are, you are only breaking your own heart. If he’s telling you that he doesn’t want you or respect you in one form or fashion then you have to let go of who he is in your fairy tale world and look at what  you actually have.

Now, I’m not saying that you should abandon a man who is trying to get his life in order. There are some men who make a mistake once. There are others who constantly hurt their partners. A mistake more than once is a conscious decision. For example, if he keeps cheating on you or abusing you over and over then it’s not a mistake. It’s who he is. A person only deserves one second chance.

You deserve your equal. If you are giving them everything you have then you deserve someone who wants to love you just as much and not someone who “loves” you enough so no one else will have you. Until you recognize your worth, you will continue be apart of his continuous cycle that’s going nowhere. Be still and analyze your situation. Are you ignoring his truths? If so, what are you going to do about it?