How-to-get-my-husband-backParting ways with someone who you’ve shared your life with physically and emotionally can be heartbreaking and mentally damaging. Many people have trouble moving on and will often consider that perhaps it’s worth giving their ex a second chance. If you’ve been separated for some time, things can be a bit trickier. There’s a lot of emotional baggage that will need to be dealt with. If you hope to get your ex husband back, read the rest of this article for  some practical ways to go about it.



How to Get Your Husband Back

Figure out exactly what went wrong in your relationship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder is a great way to describe divorce. Loneliness may be creeping up on you and you may become prone to forgetting the ugly truth of why you divorced each other in the first place. Before wanting to get back together, consider why you broke up.  Is it something you can forgive and are you strong enough to let go of the past?

Don’t become clingy or too desperate as it’s unattractive. The number one way to turn off your ex is to become clingy and keep in constant touch. Desperation looks bad on anyone and men aren’t attracted to it. In fact, if you want your ex-husband back, become less available and make time for yourself.

Give your ex-husband space and time to think. Your intentions may be pure and coming from the heart, but no one is going to be thrilled about starting a relationship a new when they’ve just gotten out of it. If you reach a point where you discuss the potential of going out again, don’t use the word love or force the relationship in a direction it wasn’t bound to go in.

The Best Way to Get Your Ex Husband Back

Keep your friendship alive with your ex. Instead of having a go at a romantic relationship, try building a solid friendship. Go out as friends and enjoy each other’s company with no strings attached. The idea is to get to know each other again without bringing up the past.

Let go of the past all the way. What happened in the past should stay in the past. If you hope to get the love of your ex-husband back, you have to wipe the slate clean. It may not be easy to deal with everything that went wrong, but you should be more mature and emotionally stable to handle the next step of your relationship. This may also be a good time to sign up for counseling.

Learn to trust each other again. You can’t have a relationship without  trust. In fact, without learning to trust each other after the divorce, you’re essentially back to the original problem. Only have a go at a new relationship if you feel you can let go of the past and build up trust.

How to Save Your Marriage

Your first go at a marriage may have been a failure, but perhaps the second try will be the charm. Make sure to take things slowly and come up with a game plan before you go all in. If you need a step by step guide on how to get your husband back, click here.