If there was only a manual on what men want from women… In this article, thelovegal.com will be discussing what men want from women and a few tips that you can use in your relationship to save it. Men aren’t as complicated as you think but you have to understand how they think. You have to understand how men fall in love. Once you understand how they think then you can understand why they operate the way they do.

What Men Really Want From Women

Men are all different just like every female is different but primarily, every man wants the same thing from women and it’s not what you think. Of course every man wants their lady to look good, smell good, cook good, and please them on a regular basis. But if every woman is providing the same thing then what can women do to stand out from every other woman.

One thing men want from woman is to feel appreciated. Us as women, we get fed up and go off on our men but we rarely thank them for what they do for us. Instead of nagging him, compliment and thank him for the things that he does right. He will eventually start doing more things right because he will be fishing for those compliments.

What Men Really Want From Women

We have an idea of what we want our men our men to be. But guess what – men have an idea of what they want to be and what they want to do as well. The #1 thing that men want from their women is support. No matter how stupid their idea is or how much you do not approve of their actions. They want to know that you are on their side no matter what.

Why do you think men end up having affairs and leaving their wives for their mistress? Because they are getting something from the mistress that they aren’t getting from the wife.

Although the wife maybe cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, managing the bills, etc., there is something that she isn’t doing. Most likely she is always giving him a hard time and putting him down. As his partner, you need to be the one to lift him up not tear him down. He already has his parents, siblings, and friends telling him how stupid he is or how whatever he wants to do in life won’t work. You need to be the one in his corner telling him he can do it.

What Men Want But Won’t Ask For…

Men don’t want much. A man just wants a woman to hold him down, support him, appreciate him, feed him good food, and give a reason not to want other woman. You have to be there for your man – not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Any woman can please him physically but it takes someone special to reach his soul.

Instead of asking him what he wants from you, observe what he wants by his actions. A man can say that he wants one thing just to keep you around but in reality, he want’s another. Don’t try to change him because you want him to be the perfect guy for you. When he is ready, and if  he thinks you are the right girl then he will get his act together for you.

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