how to make your relationship work long distanceLong distance love poses many challenges to the happy couple, and if you’re not careful, the strain may end the relationship prematurely. If you believe you’ve found “the one” and are loving from afar, fear not: This article focuses on how to make your relationship work long distance. There are ways to make this really work! Distance actually will help you decide if your relationship is solid or not. Have you ever heard the quote, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”? It’s very much true. The two of you have to be on the same page on what the future holds. Will one of you move closer? There needs to be a plan in place. 

How to Make Your Relationship Work Long Distance

You should have confidence in the relationship. You need confidence for most things in life, but it’s especially important for long distance relationships. If you’re lacking in  confidence, you’re going to be constantly second-guessing the situation. Worrying that your partner might be unfaithful or want to end things may be unnecessary. Have confidence and you can work through the obstacles.  Lack of confidence will most likely sabotage the relationship completely! Having confidence also makes it easier for you to get through each day alone.  You don’t feel so burdened by the doubt that can creep in. You will be happier and lighter by being content. Enjoy the feelings that come with a healthy relationship, even if it’s from far away.

Respect your partner’s boundaries. If your partner has a job that requires them to work long hours, such as, you may not be able to chat as often as you’d like. For whatever reasons, you must be able to respect your partner’s boundaries, in order for them to live their “normal” lives. Of course, you’d rather be on the phone with them 24/7, but that’s not always going to be possible. Give them the space they need to work without imposing and things will go much smoother.

How to Have a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Use snail mail! You’re probably not in the habit of licking envelopes anymore, as most people rely heavily on electronic forms of communication; however, snail mail is one of the sweetest ways of showing you care. Send cute cards, photos of yourself in the most flattering poses or even splurge for a care-package containing homemade goodies! These physical items will give your partner real things to hold onto, as you miss each other and yearn to be closer.

Talk to your friends around you. Unless your long distance love is hush-hush, you’re going to need people to talk to about it. Since missing someone you care about can be so difficult, sharing your feelings with close friends or family members in your immediate life is going to offer some relief from the frustration. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to, especially when you can’t phone your partner.

How to Keep Strong in a Long Distance Relationship

Let love lead. It’s easy to doubt yourself, your partner and the relationship when you can’t see each other very often. That can lead to wanting to give up. Maybe the last relationship you were in was with someone right next door, and it simple.  Unfortunately, doubting the relationship can lead to finding faults that really aren’t there.  To complain about things you’re lacking in the arrangement will put a strain on the commitment. If you stay positive and focus on the feelings you have for each other, you should be able to sustain the pressure of the distance.

Don’t take chances with your long distance love, give it the extra TLC and attention it needs to really thrive, so it can develop into the solid relationship you desire. Follow these tips and always, follow your heart!