get your wife backIf you are on Google and are searching for how to get your wife back, then something has gone terribly wrong. The first warning sign is that your wife left. That didn’t happen because things were going great. The cards are really stacked against you, but it is far from the end of the world. There are things that you can do to get your wife back but they will take time and some effort. Are you willing to work and wait for it? If you went to the internet for help then something tells me you are. 

How to Get Your Wife Back


Get to the root of the problem and change. You need to learn why you did what you did, and how to fix it. You might want to try therapy and see how you can improve  your actions and how you think about relationships. This is tough love. This will help you to reconcile before you get into a new relationship or  get your wife back. You can’t take your old self back to your wife.

Apologize, take responsibility and show gratitude. Slowly get back into your wife’s life. This is much easier if you have kids. However, it will be  bit harder if you do not have anything that naturally brings you together outside of your failed relationship.  You need to show your wife that you have genuinely changed for the better. Own your mistakes and see where it lands you.

One way to reconcile hurt feelings and the fragmented pieces of love, is to apologize to your wife and take responsibility for your part in destroying your relationship. Also show gratitude for the good parts of the relationship. Build your  wife up and be the bigger person. This will help her heart soften towards you. Nothing is worst than a man who puts the blame on his wife for his bad decisions. Own what you’ve done and nothing else.

How to Get Closer to Your Wife

Try to and be friends with your wife. Let her know that you are sorry for what you’ve done. Also, let her know that you would like to just be friends  and work on building a bond. Be her friend by giving support, doing unexpected kind things, and put a smile on her face.  This might take weeks or it might take months. You have to be patient. Even if it doesn’t work out. You can mend the relationship so no one has bitter feelings. You can create a friendship and turn tension into trust.

How to Get Your Wife to Come Back

As you can now see, it takes a lot of work and investment to get your wife back. Often it is us who really needs to change to make things better. You need to focus on your faults and not your relationship. Create a better you and invite your ex back into your life as friends.  Build a rapport to reconnect with your wife and let what is supposed to happen, happen. Don’t try to  force it.  You don’t need to be consumed by getting her back. Become a better person and live a great life. When she’s ready she may  decide to step back into your life romantically or just as a friend.