First things first, in order to get a man worth keeping, you have to look at what you have to offer. In other words, you can’t ask for a man that makes six figures if you don’t make six figures. You can’t ask for a man who has a car when you don’t. It’s not about just getting a man. It’s about getting a man that you would want to keep around. If you’re not where you want to be in life then don’t shut out a man who’s not where he wants to be either as long as he has the ambition and drive like you to get further in life.



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How to Get and Keep a Man


Before we get into the nitty gritty on how to do things, I recommend you that you watch this video first. It will tell you how to get the man that you have always wanted and get the ring.

Men love women who are confident, passionate, and has their own life. Believe it or not, majority of men out there do not want a woman who will sit up under them all day everyday. When you meet a man, show him that you have your own mind and your own life.

Men will go after what they want and work for what they want. When a man first looks at you, he won’t know anything about you so the first thing is to get him to approach you. Why would a man approach you? Because he likes what he sees and the energy you’re giving off.

Your energy has a lot to do with if a man will approach you or not. If your energy is welcoming then people will feel it when you walk in the room. It doesn’t matter how pretty or ugly you are, if your confidence level is high and your energy is welcoming and positive then you can get any man to approach you.

What kind of men do you like? Are you attracted to athletes? Musicians? Bikers? In order to get a man that’s your type, you need to go to the places where they would be. For example, athletes would be at the gym or on the basketball court or fields. If you want a God fearing man then go to church. You don’t necessarily have to go to these places to go “hunting” but go there just to hang out. Engage in the activities that those locations have to offer. Eventually when you start conversing with these men, you are bound to end up on a few dates.

Once you get to the point where you are going out on dates, don’t reveal too much about yourself like I explained in my article how to make him desire you. In order to keep a man around, you can’t be like every other woman. You have to be his breath of fresh air. The one thing that men want from a woman is support. They want their woman to be there to support their dreams and be there for them through their journey in life. The unnecessary nagging and complaining needs to be exempt from the relationship.

A man also needs his space! Let him breathe. If he wants to go out with his boys, let him. If you don’t trust him enough to go out with his boys because you think he will cheat on you with other woman that are present then you don’t need to be with him.

If you want to be taken seriously by men, watch this video as my relationship coach explains what makes men want to commit.
Getting the right man to love you and want to commit to you is the goal. If a man feels like he is not complete without you then he will stay. You have to be the the missing piece to his puzzle.
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