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So you want to know how to get him back because at this point nothing is working and you honestly don’t know what to do. Once you get him back, you want to know how to keep your man happy. Every man is different but you want to know what men want from women. As a woman, you want your guy to commit but, honestly, do you know how to get a guy to commit? What makes a man fall in love and commit? You want your man to make him want you like never, right?


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How to Get Your Man Back

One of the most important things in a relationship is keeping things interested. Both men and women are guilty of no longer trying once they get the one that they want. It’s hard to get the person that you want but it’s even harder keeping the person.


Once you’re in the relationship, you still need to find time to go out on dates, dress up, and do all the things that you did to get him. As women, we are guilty of letting ourselves go or getting to comfortable. The make-up comes off and rarely goes back on, our clothes get looser, and the sex slows down and basically comes to a halt.

Just because you get him, doesn’t mean he will stay. Just because you get the ring doesn’t mean divorce is out of the question.

How To Get Him Back


So the first thing that we need to do is get your ex back. Think about the events that led up to him leaving. I guarantee it wasn’t just one thing that made him leave. He was already thinking about leaving and that was the last straw.

Was it something that you did? As women, we are in denial a lot. What did you do to give to him leaving? You have to fix it. As far as him, you need to give him his space.


Right now, he expects you to blow up his phone because you love him so much but you can’t. You need to give him time to miss you.

You need to wait two weeks before you get in contact with him. Two weeks may sound like a lifetime to you because you want him back now but trust me, time heals everything.

Once you reach out to him, you need to write him a letter and mail it to him. Don’t make it too long. The letter doesn’t need to be more than a page. If you did something to give to the breakup then you need to discuss it and apologize for it.


After that, you need to agree with the breakup (even if you really don’t). Wish him the best of luck. Do not mention that you want him back. You won’t do that until later.

If you didn’t do anything to give to the break-up, still agree with his decision and say that it was for the best for the both of you.


How To Get Him Back and Keep Him Happy


Now, onto how to keep him happy. What a man wants from a woman is nothing more than your support. Instead of nagging about what he’s not doing, praise him for what he does do. It’s so easy to dwell on everything that’s not going right in your relationship and you forget about everything that he does for you.


Let him know that he is appreciated. If you are a really independent woman then you have to basically let him still do something that men do to help women.


Even if you can get a ladder to reach something on the top shelf, ask for his help. He’ll like that. If the jelly jar is too tight then ask for his help to open it. Your ” I don’t need you”  attitude has to go. You do need him – even if it’s not physically. You need him emotionally.


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