How to Get a Guy Back After a Breakup

Hey honey! In case you are unfamiliar with my blog, I am Amber with This whole website gives you tips on how to get your ex back. I even have a guide that’s called Getting Back the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted: Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Get Your Ex Back. In this article, I will give you some important tips on how to get a guy back. Men don’t operate like us so it’s important not to treat this situation as if you would like to be treated. Got it? Let’s get into it?

First Things First: Change Your Attitude

In this video below, I talk about how a shift in my attitude made my ex take me seriously. It wasn’t until I started respecting myself that he started respecting me.

Men can smell weaknesses on a person. As women, we are naturally emotional. However, our emotions can come off as a weakness at times. In other words, you have to be strong throughout this situation and decide on what you will and won’t put up with. He will either respect your request or move around for good. How he responds to your enlightenment will expose who he is as a person. A real man will respect a woman who knows what she wants.

Note: Don’t confuse strong with being rude. You can let him know that you aren’t into the mind games without being nasty, rude, or belittling. You will never have to raise your voice to get your point across.

Decide on What You Want From Him

Setting your intentions in your mind is important in the beginning. What do you want from him? Do you want a relationship? Do you want to get to know him better? Do you want him to treat you in a way that matches your feelings about him? Do you want him to stop being a jerk? All of this is important to know because you need a plan to get you to your goal.

Once you have decided on what you want, think about what went wrong in the first place? Is it a situation where he needs space? Is it a situation where he is testing the water? Was it a huge disagreement? What happened matters. What happened? That will set the foundation on what you should do next.

Give Him a Reason to Miss You

Every time I go through a breakup, I have a breakout season. I make it a point to look better than I did while I was in a relationship. Not necessarily for them, but for me. I also realign with who I am. Sometimes when we’re in a relationship,we absorb their tendencies on accident.

I take time to reflect, change my look, and give him a reason to miss me. A new energy and smile can go a long way. When he see’s you, you want him to wonder what’s different about you.

The goal is to get him to think about you nonstop. Once he starts to wonder about you nonstop, he will start to develop deep feelings for you by default because you are the one thing that’s on his mind.

How to Get Back the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted

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