How to Make Your Ex Want You Back Even If It Seems Hopeless

Hey there! This is Amber with In today’s post, I will be discussing how to make your ex want you back even if it seems hopeless or impossible. I will be the first one to tell you that nothing is impossible. That sounds cliche but I was in your situation and got my ex back. It’s all about timing and the perfect plan. These aren’t ideas that might work. These are tips that have worked time and time again. This article will guide you so you can fix your relationship. The advice that I am giving you has been proven to work. Of course, every situation is different but the fact that you’re willing to try one more time says a lot about your character. I want to wish you good luck.

How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get your ex-boyfriend back or get your ex-girlfriend back, this advice applies to you. If your situation seems hopeless or impossible then you need to make them see you as a different person.  They are tired of looking at you and seeing what didn’t work. That is a brutally harsh statement but it’s true. When your ex thinks about you, they see a person who irritates them or has hurt them. You have to get them to see you like an improved version of yourself.

No matter how hard you cry or how much you beg them, it won’t work. You have to make them chase you. You have to make them think about you. You have to make them want you more than anything. No one wants someone who they know for a fact they can have. Your question now is, “will my ex come back?” There is a strong possibility if you take the tips below into consideration.

I know you’re in bad shape right now and you’re thinking, “I need my ex back.” In reality, you don’t need them back. You want them back. You don’t necessarily miss them. You miss how they made you feel. This is all about your own emotions. You miss the feeling of being important to them. That’s okay but I want you to realize that you don’t need this person. Once you develop that attitude, you can see more clearly. You were doing perfectly fine before you met them. Instead of saying, “I need my ex back” – tell yourself that you would like a fresh start with your ex. Your attitude in this predicament is important.

Here are 5 Tips to Make Them Want You Back and Desire You More Than Anything:

  • Tip #1 – Change your attitude and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Positive thoughts attract positive things into your life. Negative thoughts attract negativity into your life. If you’re sitting around thinking that it’s a hopeless situation then it will be. If you think getting your ex back is impossible then it won’t happen. Make it your goal to get your ex back. You are literally controlling your life with your thoughts and energy. Make it a point to get your mindset together. Look into the law of attraction to understand how your very own mind is calling the shots. You can literally make your ex come back just by believing that they will.
  • Tip #2 – Give yourself a physical, mental, and emotional makeover. In order for your ex to see in a new light, you have to show them something different. It’s more than going to get a haircut and new clothes. Your energy needs a makeover. When they come around you, they should be able to feel that there’s something new about you. Subtle physical changes go a long way, too. Clean up the areas in your life that need improving. You want them to say, “wow…” the next time they see you.
  • Tip #3 – Reject them by agreeing with the breakup. Agreeing with the breakup makes many people nervous. You hear the unknown. You have to realize you can’t fix a problem with the same mind that created it. I’m telling you to do this because it has worked hundreds of thousands of times (not exaggerating).  By rejecting them and agreeing with the breakup opens up the door for communication that’s not tense. You don’t necessarily have to honestly agree but this takes the pressure from your ex. They will be able to relax around you. You’re rejecting them by agreeing with the breakup. You’re not going out of your way to be mean or rude to them. The goal is to get them to chase after you. They won’t do so if they know you still dreadfully want them. Remember, once you do this, you have to keep the same energy. You can’t flip flop between being strong and emotional.
  • Tip #4 – Let them see you happy. Do you want to get your ex’s attention? Let them see you happy without them. They will take notice. They could care less if you are at home waiting by the phone. It’s okay to go out with your friends. You have to indirectly let them know that you’re fine without them. During my breakup, my ex was more than happy to check on me when I told him that I was doing amazing. He wanted to be around me more. People cling to positive energy.
  • Tip #5 – Keep them close but not too close. After implementing the no contact rule , I became strictly friends with my ex. This allowed me to keep tabs on him and know when to “turn up” the volume on my plan to get him back. I was his friend only. Being his friend also allowed me to get to know him on a deeper level. The goal is to have a better relationship with your ex than before. Apart of having a great relationship is understanding each other.

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