5 Obvious Signs That Your Ex Will Come Back

Hey there! Guessing whether your ex will come back or not can be stressful. If you are looking for confirmation on what to expect out of your ex, look no further. This website is dedicated to helping people get their ex back. It’s only right that we tell you which signs to look for before you embarrass yourself.

Before we get started, it’s only right that introduce myself. After all, I’m sure you would like to know who you’re taking advice from. If you’re looking for signs that your ex will come back then there’s a chance that you want them back. My name is Amber but people know me as “The Love Gal“. I wouldn’t call myself a relationship “expert” but I am a person who fixes people’s relationships. The people around me always sought my advice on relationships. It wasn’t until the first real heartbreak that I experienced the dreadful era of trying to get my ex back. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Did I get my ex back although it seemed hopeless? Absolutely. I put out a YouTube video a year ago giving my tips on how I got my ex back and the rest has been history.

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Let’s get to it. Here are five signs that your ex will eventually come back. I recommend that you read this article until the end because you will miss some good information if you skip anything.

  1. They still contact you first. Once someone is truly done, they won’t contact you anymore. Once a person wants to move on, there is no need to contact you about anything unless there are children involved. If your ex is still contacting you first or tries to hold conversations with you, it’s because they are thinking about you. This is true especially if it’s an often occurrence.
  2. They still sit up under you at gatherings. If you and your ex are in a room together and there is plenty of space for them to sit elsewhere, but they don’t, you are still their comfort zone. An ex who is truly done doesn’t want to send any mixed signals. They will purposely sit far from you to avoid any mixed signals or talking to you.
  3. They don’t pull away when you touch them. Touch has everything to do with trust. A big sign to tell if your ex is open to being with you is the touch test. This test should be subtle. All you would have to do is attempt to “get something off of them” and if they pull away immediately with a confused look on their face then they need more time. For example, you can try to “pull lint from their hair” or “get something off of their shirt.” If they don’t want you touching them then that’s a sign that they aren’t looking for that type of engagement from you. Sex is discluded from this scenario.
  4. They still flirt with you. If your ex goes out of their way to give you a compliment then you should pay close attention. Everyone knows that flirting with an ex that you don’t want is against the rules. An ex who doesn’t want you won’t give you compliments or flirt with you.
  5. They get jealous although you aren’t together. Has your ex gotten jealous or mad at you even though you’re not together? They can either be controlling, or they still have feelings for you that they can’t control. You know your ex better than I do so of course you would know which class they fall in.

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