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Hello readers! Many people are skeptical about using the no contact rule combined with the letter format that I have in my How to Get Your Ex Back Book. Or, you may have heard about the no contact rule from other sources and would like to know how it works.

I am here to tell you, it does work. I literally used it on my ex and he contacted me after using this formula. Keep in mind, he was a complete jerk to me before this. He would ignore my text, calls, messages, etc. He would also treat me like I was the problem when in fact, he caused our breakup.

Did the no contact rule really turn things around for me? Yes, that was the beginning. I would never teach my supporters something that didn’t work for me and countless other people.

What is the Purpose of the No Contact Rule?

The purpose of the no contact rule is to wipe the slate clean and give the both of you enough time apart so you can have a decent conversation when the time is right. The goal is to get your ex to think getting back together is their idea. The goal is to get them to miss you. They can’t possibly miss you if you are constantly hounding them with how you feel. If they are going through their own problems, you’re going to make it worse. Time is of the essence.

In your mind, you’re thinking that constant communication after the breakup will fix things. Let me ask you this: How has that worked for you this far? Has it fixed anything? Are you more emotional than before because the conversations aren’t going as planned?

Listen, you can’t force the issue. Forcing the issue will only make things worse.

You may think that they will move on for good if you don’t stay on their heels. They may move on temporarily but if you guys are meant to be, they will be back. Everyone’s situation is different. There is no set time for everyone. Some people can get their ex back in a month and some may take six months. Your story is different from the person sitting across from you.

Think of the no-contact rule as a time out. Emotions need to settle and your ex needs to become comfortable with talking to you again without any added pressure.

What Do You Do After the No Contact Rule?

The no-contact rule can last anywhere between 14 days and 3 months. It honestly depends on how bad the break-up was and how you acted after you guys were considered over.

What should you do after the no contact period is over? You should reach out. However, there’s a certain way you should reach out. You can totally mess up this step.

The next step is agreeing with the breakup. Most people freak out about this step because you don’t know the type of results that you will personally get. It’s understandable.

However, you can’t fix the problem with the same mind that created it. Agreeing with the breakup got my ex back and hundreds of thousands of others.

By agreeing with the breakup, you are allowing your ex to see you as a mature person and feel as though they can be around you without it being stressful.

The goal is to get around them to show them that things will be different around them. It starts with the no contact rule which leads to the letter.

Don’t be afraid to take risk with your relationship. You have to try different things to get different results.

What’s Next?

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