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3 Things to Think About When Getting Back With An Ex

Hey you! Welcome back to my blog. This is Amber with If you’re not familiar already, this website is dedicated to helping people like you get their ex back. I even published a book entitled “Getting Back the Relationship You Always Wanted” . This post is about three things to keep in mind when getting back with your ex. Every relationship goes through ups and downs. However, it’s up to both parties to come to an agreement moving forward. Let’s get started.

Your relationship is your relationship.

A lot of times we don’t realize that the opinion of others has an influence on our relationship. For example, you get upset with your partner and you vent to family or friends about their wrongdoings. Our loved ones voice their opinions about our partner and nevertheless makes valid points. Then, you carry that energy back to your relationship and partner and make things worse. A relationship is between two people. To be fair, you should at least tell the people you love about the good things that they do too. If they only hear about the negative things, you’re not giving them a chance to stay neutral about the situation. In other words, tell the whole story.

If you’re going to forgive, then forgive 100%

If you are going to forgive then forgive 100%. If not, tell them you’re not ready to move forward. There’s nothing worse than the past being brought up in the present conversation. If you agree to get back together with your ex, leave the past out of the arguments unless it’s relevant to present problems. It’s okay to take longer with forgiving them, but don’t hold them hostage in the meantime. If past turmoil has been resolved then leave it be. If you can’t, leave the relationship be.

Communication and Trust is the Key to a Healthy Relationship

It does take two to tango. If you and your ex are invested in making things work then it’ll be a lot easier to work things out. Communication can solve almost every problem. Talk things out. Don’t be prideful if this is the person you want. If something bothers you then communicate it in a way that’s not demeaning. For example, “Babe, I think you are a great person but it would make me feel better if paid more attention to me.” Doesn’t that sound better than, “All you care about is your video games and your friends. You’re ungrateful and don’t appreciate me.” There are ways to communicate constructively without tearing your partner down to make you feel better.

Trust is everything in a relationship. If there are trust issues in the relationship, the both of you need to find a way to build the trust back up to a level where it’s supposed to be.

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