What to Say to get your ex to come back

What to Say to Your Ex to Get Them to Come Back

Hey there. I am Amber with thelovegal.com and the author of Getting Back the Relationship that You Always Wanted : A step-by-step guide on how to get your ex back. I will warn you right now, this isn’t what you’re expecting. You’re probably expecting me to tell you the “perfect words” that will make your ex melt in your arms and miss you like crazy. I’m a realist. I’m a person who has been in your shoes before so I will tell you the truth.

There isn’t a specific set of words that will make your ex move mountains to be with you. Why? Because every person and every situation is different. However, there is a set of steps that you can take that will make your ex want you back if it’s meant to be.

I was once in your shoes. I didn’t know what to do or say to get my ex to stop being mean to me. I couldn’t think of what to tell my ex to make him see that I was the right one for him. It felt like everything I did wasn’t good enough.

Until one day, I stumbled on a technique that I didn’t think would work – but it did.

The first step was called the, “no contact rule.” The rule states that you can’t contact your ex for any reason for at least 14 days. The reason behind not contacting your ex is to give them space. You want them to start thinking about you.

Right now, they know they can get you back. When a person knows that you are available at any day or time, you won’t be as desirable. Silence speaks 1000 words. Let their mind wonder by not saying anything at all for 14 to 30 days.

The more space you take up in a person’s mind, the more in love they will fall with you. If they start to think about you all the time, their feelings will grow stronger for you.

The Perfect Words to Tell Your Ex to Get Them Back

First things first, why did your relationship end? Try answering the question without using your emotions. When you answer the question without using emotion, you get to the basis of what happened without placing the blame on either party.

What happened?

After the no-contact rule , send your ex a letter and tell them that you agree with their decision to break up – whatever decision that may be. Yes, agree with the breakup even if you don’t. Keep this letter short. It doesn’t need to be more than two paragraphs.

Physically mail them the letter. Do not send this via text, email, or social media. Yes, I want you to send this to their house in an envelope. I have to reiterate this because so many people mess up this step and wonder why it didn’t work. Hand written letters are much more personal.

Tell them that you are doing great/fantastic/amazing and that you’ve been getting great news. Mention that maybe one day you guys can be friends.

What this does is create suspense. They will want to know about your great news. People latch onto positivity. It also rejects them right back. Right now, you are feeling rejected. That’s why you can’t get them off of your mind. It’s not all about the breakup. You’re not feeling wanted and you want that feeling back.

Humans are natural chasers. We want what we can’t have. You have to swing the ball back in your direction. They key to doing it is rejecting them.

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Like I said, I’ve been in your shoes before. I know what you’re feeling. I also got my ex back after it felt impossible.

Not only do I have experience on this subject. I have a background in psychology. I know what it takes to trigger the human mind.

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What to Say to get your ex back