how to get him to propose soonerI am about to give you all the juice to getting him to propose sooner than later. What I am about to tell you will shock you. Have you seen the V8 juice commercial where someone gets hit in the forehead and the other person goes,”You should’ve had a V8.” You will feel that way when you read this article to the end. Men think differently than us women. What will make us fall in love and want to get married is totally different from them. Although you may be doing everything right in your eyes, he needs to know that marrying you isn’t something that will change his life for the worse.

How to Get Him to Propose

If you have actually went to the internet in search of a solution on how to get your man to propose soon than the chances are, you have waited for a while. You may have brought it up but he hasn’t budged. But why? “He’s not ready.” No really, he’s not ready. He isn’t sure that you are the one for him. I am very blunt but it’s the truth. He is still trying to figure out if you are the one that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Badgering him about getting married only makes things worse. It will actually push him away. I have put together a few tips for you to go by to get you to the altar.

How to Make Him Want to Commit

Do you know that the thing men yearn for the most isn’t what you think? It’s not how good a woman can cook, how good she is in bed, how good of a mother she is or anything to that nature. The main thing that separates a wife from a girlfriend is two words – support and security. A man is a fiend for those two things from a woman.

A man wants a woman who will support and have his back no matter what. You don’t have to be the prettiest or well off woman in the world but if you hold him down like no other woman can then you will have his heart and a rock on your finger.

Your man wants you to believe in him and his dreams. Don’t pressure him to be something he is not or work somewhere he doesn’t want to be. Even if he wants to be a professional beer pong player then you have to support his dreams if you want to get married to him. Let him know you will be there to support him no matter what.

He Is NOT Your Son

Why do you say that Amber? I am telling you this because you may have tried to change who he is. He is already grown and knows who he is. Treat him like an adult. There is something about him that attracted you to him as well as there was something that made him fall in love with him. The perfect man DOES NOT exist so stop trying to change him.

As a woman, we find a man who’s closest to what we define as “perfect” and try to work out the kinks. Don’t do that. When your man tells you and shows you who he is then believe him! He knows himself more than anything.

Leave the Negativity to His Mother

When your man comes to you with a horrible idea, your job is to support it no matter how stupid it is. The great part about this is that someone in his life will tell him how bad of an idea it is; most likely, it will be his mother. His mother can be as negative as she wants to be because she has a permanent spot in his life. You, otherwise do not. Hopefully, someone besides you will talk some sense into him. Your job is not to talk down to him OR talk down about his ideas. Your man wants a woman that uplifts him.

Make Him Feel Good

Stroke his ego. Your man is like a puppy. He looks forward to his belly being rubbed and the back of his ears scratched and you must do this with your words. In a way, you have to tell him what he wants to hear.

  • Tell him he looks nice
  • Support his dreams and ideas
  • Be there for him when no one else is
  • Laugh at his corny jokes
  • Show him why you are different from the rest

With this advice, he should be proposing to you in no time. If not, you are a step closer to your proposal. Remember, everyday is a stepping stone.

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