first date conversations

No matter how many dates you’ve been on, a first date still carries the potential to become a nightmare, especially when you really want to impress your date. There are many topics out there that have been considered taboo.  In the dating community some topics should be avoided at all costs on a first date. If you wish to make a good first impression, continue to read this article to get some ideas on what to talk about on your first date. 

Appropriate Topics To Discuss On A First Date


Talk about the world news. Avoid the topic of politics as arguments can get heated. However, discussing world news and recent events is absolutely acceptable. In fact, knowing a bit about current events can make for interesting conversation and gives you the appearance of being intelligent and thoughtful. It’s understandable that you may not have a lot of time on your hands to read the news, but make it a point to spend 15 minutes catching up.

Discuss your hobbies and interests. The point is to get to know the other person better, so you should share your hobbies and interests. Do you like to travel?  If so, what are some places you’ve seen? Have you taken up any recent hobbies? Talk about things that interest you or things you hope to do in the near future – such as, a bucket list.

Discuss your family. Don’t talk about your ex’s as that’s considered bad taste. But, you can discuss your family. Do you have any kids from a previous relationship? Are you close with your siblings? These are reasonable topics to bring up. Just make sure it doesn’t cross a line where you start naming the things you don’t like about loved ones. Keep the conversation positive.

How to Keep Your Date Interested on the First Date

Talk about hopes for the future and goals.  What are you hoping to get out of dating? Notice, the point here isn’t to scare the other person off by telling them you want kids within a year, but to realign expectations. You can discuss that you hope to fall in love or get married someday. It’s also okay to let a person know that you’re looking for something fun and not exactly serious.

You can talk about nostalgia. You can share interesting or funny memories from your past like your funniest memories. You can share how “bad” you were in school. Such stories are entertaining and they don’t really tread controversial topics that may put a stop to your dating. Of course, make sure to keep the tone light-hearted and don’t bring up heavy or depressing topics that can dampen the mood. For example, death in the family isn’t a first date topic. Like I said, keep the mood positive. Aim for smiles and laughs.

What to Talk About on the First Date

There are plenty of things to talk about on a first date. It may seem like a good idea to bond over a hatred of something or other but that’s not good manners. When going out, make sure to listen to the other person.  Put your phone away and out of sight. Hopefully, with a bit of practice, everything will go according to plan. Good Luck!