how to get a second dateThe thought that you may not get a second date with her can cause a little anxiety. Instead of enjoying your date, you’re worrying about not messing up. Be yourself. Always remember that if it’s meant to be, she will like you enough to go on a second date. In order to get a second date, you need a great first date. Before going on the first date, you need to know what kind of woman you’re dealing with. You can’t approach every woman the same. Do a little research on your date so you know how to approach her. 

Get Her To Say Yes To A Second Date

Men must assert themselves. All my feminist friends are going to hate me for a few minutes but I have to tell the truth to all the men out there. You often don’t get the second date because you don’t assert yourself. Believe it or not, women want to be chased, more so than chased a woman wants to be wanted. Dating is the only contact sport where a woman has an extreme edge over a man. In romance, women are the MVP’s and men are role players. Very few championships are won without great role players.

What this really means is that you really need to step up your assertiveness. No, do not become a bossy jerk but show her that you are a man of action. Be clear about what you are going to do on the first date.  Lead the conversation. If proper, open doors, be confident, and show her that you are a leader. Women don’t mind when the right guy leads them. Matter of fact, many are looking for a guy to take charge. To take charge you have to be a worthy man. Nothing sucks more than an unworthy man trying to take the lead in a relationship. It is like a boy flopping around in his daddy’s shoes and shaving his hairless virgin face with his daddy’s razor. I say all this to say that unworthy men are not fit to lead!

How to Get a Second Date With Her

Work hard on having an excellent first date by doing something that is fun but that also allows communication. Try to make her laugh. Women love to laugh. If you’re not funny, just be yourself. Take an interest in her life and listen to what she has to say.  Dig into her mind a bit and explore her aspirations. Connect and have fun. There is not going to be a second date if the first one was boring. You have to leave her wanting more.

Be a man and hug or kiss her at the end of the first date. Let her clearly know that you want to see her again and that you are interested. Don’t be unsure, be a man! Men take action and let the woman know where he stands and this gives her room to express her feelings. Unassertive men get flaked on and leave women uncertain about their feelings because they never create a dominant romantic frame for the woman to be free in.

What to Do to Get a Second Date

So, to get that second date, you have to have a good first date. You have to be assertive and you must show romantic interest. She has to have a great time with you. She needs to feel safe and entertained as well. You must ask for that second date right at the end of the first one. You can’t end that first date without knowing if she is open to going out again. Be direct with her so she doesn’t have to guess.  Compliment her. Tell her you had a good time with her and that would love to see her again. Women love men who upfront about how they feel.

How do you get a second date with a woman? Be clear and tell her you want a second date.