How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend to Want You BackIf you’re looking on advice on how to get your ex girlfriend to want you back then you stumbled on the right article. I am a women so I will be honest with you and tell you how she’s thinking right now. You only have a certain amount of time or “window” so to speak to get her back. Here’s what most blog posts won’t tell you about getting your ex back. Your ex fell in love with you before she admitted it. She also stopped feeling the relationship way before it was over. I’m not saying that there isn’t a chance but realize that she was done with you before that last straw.

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend to Want You Back

  • You have to get her to see you in a new light. If she is looking at you as the same old person then she won’t come back to you. How do you do that? You need to make some changes. There is a reason why you guys aren’t together right now. You need to make a change mentally and physically.
  • Your mental change is for when she comes back. You have to be able to keep her. If you still have the same mind frame as when she left you then she won’t be back for long because the same problems will still be there. You need to get rid of any negative tendencies that you may have in order to maintain a healthy relationship. If you have cheated then you need to make sure that it will never happen again. You also need to make up in your mind that your ex girlfriend is the only one you want. Whatever it is that ruined your relationship, get rid of it. If something in your life has effected your relationship in a negative way then you need to get rid of it.
  • Your physical change will help you that she starts seeing you differently now. Now, don’t go doing anything drastic like tattooing your whole body. Do something that she will notice not something that will make her look at you stupid. A simple thing like parting your hair different or wearing contacts instead of wearing glasses should help. I’m not sure what you look like but you know what will alter your appearance in a good way.

If your ex girlfriend is still physically attracted to you then you have a much higher chance of getting her back. If she no longer looks at you “that way” then she is long gone buddy, sorry. Hopefully you haven’t turned off the point where the sight of you grosses her out. Even if she was to take you back, your relationship won’t last lon


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