I know that many may not agree with what I am about to say and that’s okay. There’s some truth to it in my opinion. According to my Facebook news feed, nobody trusts anyone and everyone is afraid of relationships. It’s kind of a bummer if you ask me. You see, I am a hopeless romantic. I love love and kind gestures. I love when people are nice to each other. In my generation, it seems like it’s nearly impossible for people to trust and love one another. Now, I’m sure everyone’s reasoning for not wanting to jump into relationships are different but the overall picture has the same photograph in the same frame. Here are the reasons why I think it is difficult to date in 2016.  

1. Everybody has trust issues. Call me crazy but it’s true. It seems like everyone is so against trusting their partners because of past relationships or trifling stuff that they have seen. If you do not have trust, you don’t have anything.
2. Everyone feels as if they have to have options. What happened to relationships being an one-on-one thing? You know, where two people grow with one another without any outside parties? If you are truly committed to someone, there shouldn’t be a need for other people involved. If you aren’t happy with your current situation then leave.
3. People tend to be cold-hearted. Everyone wants to be the coldest thing out for no reason. I don’t know who made the rule that it’s cooler not to show your feelings to the one you love but it’s wack! Being cold-hearted gets you nowhere but on the single train.
4. Nobody wants to open up. How can you honestly expect to grow with someone when you refuse to let them know anything about you? Everyone isn’t out to get you. Let someone get close to you. You may even learn that they have been through similar things and understand you.
5. Hoes will be hoes. Excuse my french. People who see that you are in a happy relationship tend to want what you have so they will throw a wrench in it. They will go after your partner because they either don’t want to see you happy or they want your happiness. They think that because your partner treats you a certain way then they will get the same treatment. That’s not the case. Hoes can be men or women. Beware. They will try to ruin your good thing so you have to protect it.
6. Everyone isn’t mentally ready for a relationship. There are more unstable creatures than there are stable creatures. No matter how secure someone may seem, they will have flaws. They may like the idea of being in a relationship rather than being in one. In a relationship, you have to make sacrifices. If you aren’t mentally ready for the challenge then stay single until you are.
7. People act like their serious when they’re not. People’s true intentions will always come out…always. It may take awhile but the intentions will always surface. You can meet someone who seems perfect at first but eventually you will meet the real them after they get what they want.


What are some more reasons that relationships fail? Let me know in the comments below.