You know, I keep hearing that us women are very hard to understand. Are we really, ladies? I don’t think we are. Now, I can’t speak for all of us but if you’re anything like me then you just want the basics and everything else is a plus. The basics consists of: honesty, loyalty, respect, love, and passion. Is that too much to ask for? I mean, of course, we want the guy who’s 6’3, looks like a Calvin Klein model, can cook,  give us life in the bedroom, funny, romantic, sensitive mixed with manly, and ambitious. But as we go through our “moments” with different guys, we realize that it’s impossible to find a man to meet all 30 of our expectations. One way or another, we will end up settling. Settling isn’t necessarily a bad thing if he’s a good guy in general. But as grown women, we just know that love and happiness comes in different forms. Let’s face it, being too picky will leave us lonely.

If you are reading this and you are a guy, then you are about find out what women really want from you. It’s a good thing that you took the time out to find out because a lot of men won’t. Now, keep an open mind when reading the rest of this article. Some things you may or may not agree with. Here we go…

What Women Really Want From Men

1. Time – She wants to spend time with you. Not just any kind of time though. She wants the type of time where she can feel that you want to be around her too. There’s a difference between spending time with her because you feel obligated to and spending time filled with your warm energy wrapped around her. If she’s anything like me, she just wants to be in your presence because she digs you that much. It’s the little things that will make the world of difference to her. She doesn’t fall for every guy so consider yourself special. Time with you will make her heart smile.

2. Loyalty – In 2015, it seems like everyone is allergic to commitment. There’s nothing worse than being loyal to someone who’s out here embarrassing you. If you’re not ready for a relationship, then don’t string someone along who is ready. Give her commitment if she’s who you want to be with. Yes, there may be chicks that are prettier or funnier than her but they aren’t HER. Those girls don’t rock with you the way she does. Once we love you, we tell the world. We want to show you off. But, if we’re showing you off and you are out here acting single then it will take your trust level from a 100 to a -45 quickly. Remember without trust, you have nothing. Period.

3. Respect – Now, I shouldn’t have to tell you this but if you’re anything less than a grown man then you need to read it. Respect your woman and never let anyone else disrespect her in your presence. Period. Never call her out of her name unless it’s a cute nickname. Never tease her about her flaws that she’s self- conscious about. Never place hands on her. Never belittle her. Treat her exactly how you would want someone to treat your daughter. Hopefully, you would want your daughter to be treated like a princess. If you’re with someone who disrespects you then you shouldn’t be with them either. It’s not healthy.

4. Love – Love her. Almost every woman will have scars before the right man’s arrival. It may be from a past relationship or from her father. Don’t fault her for her trust issues and scars. It is up to you to show her what a real man is. When she’s pulling away, she may need a big hug and to hear, “It will be okay. I’m here for you.” If you love her, don’t hide it. If you don’t, don’t make her believe that you do. Make her heart beat again. Once you have a pulse, her heart will only beat for you.

5. Passion – Have you ever been into a person so much that your body heats up when you think about them? Not necessarily in a sexual way but it’s a feeling that you almost can’t explain? When you look into their eyes, you feel some sort of magnetic connection? Passion happens when two individuals shut out the outside world and let nature take it’s course. Passion happens when two people explore every aspect about their lover and find what makes them beautiful. Give her passion. She will give you passion in return.

-The Love Gal