The friend zone is the last place that you want to be in – especially with the person that you want to be in. You’re wondering how to get out of the friend zone without it being obvious that you’re trying get closer to the man. Now, I will let you know that this task won’t be easy. When you meet someone, they automatically put you into a category. The categories are: friend zone, smash zone, crush zone, and  date zone. Somehow, you have wiggled yourself into the friend zone and now you want out. Be prepared to fight your way out with all your might. Yo u have to make your friend see you for something else other than a friend. Hopefully, when they think of you they don’t think,”eww.”

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone With Him

  1. The first step to getting out of the friend zone is making them see you in a new light physically. Go out and get a make over. You have a better chance of getting out the friend zone when they are attracted to you. Now, I’m not saying this is the go-to solution and this will 100% work but it will better your chance at making him see you differently if you look different to him.
  2. The second step that you need to do is stop acting like a friend. If he see’s you as his “sister” then it’s because you’re around him too much. Sister means family. That means either you chat too much or you spend too much time together. You need to distance yourself for while.
  3. The third step  that you need to take is stop asking him for dating advice and letting him ask you for dating advice. That just screams friend zone.
  4. The fourth step that you need to take is stop calling him names like “bro” or “best friend”. If you want him to stop looking at you as just a friend then stop reminding him that he looks at you like a friend.


Getting out of the friend zone isn’t impossible but you have to get him to see you differently.

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