How to get your ex back when they fall out of love with you

How to Get Your Ex Back When They Fall Out of Love With You

Can I be honest with you? They didn’t fall out of love with you. They got bored with you. Their heart, emotions, and feelings went dormant. If your ex left you and told you that they are no longer interested in being in a relationship with you then it’s because your relationship got repetitive. No matter what the repetition was, they grew tired of it. They either feel like they outgrew you or they don’t feel the intensity that they once did.

Why am I so confident that they got bored with you? Simply because of the process of how people fall in love. People don’t fall in love with just the person alone. Did you notice that you seemed to love them a lot more after a disagreement or something happened? That milestone took your love to the next level for them.

The recipe to making someone fall in love is making them feel different emotions in a short period of time. Making them feel happy, sad, angry, excited, and emotional matters. Once that happens, they will start to think about you all the time. It doesn’t matter what emotion you start with. You just have to finish with a different one.

Many couples get caught up in the mist of getting comfortable. When you’re with someone for so long, you forget to switch things up. Date nights decrease, the extra hugs decrease, and the extra communication decreases. We take all of that for granted because we think our person isn’t going anywhere.

How to Get Your Ex Back Once It’s “Over”

Did they tell you that it was over? Are they not talking to you? Did they tell you that they don’t love you anymore? Of course they did.

However, if the love that they feel for you was ever real, you can get them back. You just have to make them feel a mixture of emotions to get their dormant feelings for you to spark.

The goal is to get them to think about you all the time without contacting them.

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