’re in luck. Women aren’t as hard to get back as men. If you’re wondering how to get back with your ex girlfriend then listen up. Men use logic when sorting things out but women feed off of emotion. Saying the right things can get your ex girlfriend back. If you pay attention to every word in this article then you won’t have to wonder how to get your ex girlfriend back. It’s not wise to skim through this article. You will miss key advice on how to get your ex girlfriend back.


How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – The Perfect Plan

Right now, you are in a frenzy because you don’t know what to do. You’re throwing mud at a wall to see if anything sticks. Your first reaction is to blow up her phone, beg for her forgiveness, tell her how sorry you are, and buy her nice things. There’s only one problem with that. That doesn’t fix the problem. Sweeping you guys problems under the rug will fix your relationship temporarily – but you won’t have a long run with her. The temporary problems will resurface eventually.

How do you get to the root of your relationship problems? Relationships fail because of lack of understanding. You may have done something that bothered the other one enough to end the relationship. You didn’t understand their point of view so you kept doing. I’m not saying that your ex girlfriend is perfect but now, she’s the one that’s not budging. You have the short end of the stick now.

When you have the chance, you need to listen to your ex girlfriend to understand how she feels, not to listen to respond to get her to understand how you feel. Whatever you do, keep your composure. Never raise your voice no matter how loud she gets. Right now, she’s hurt. Respect her feelings and take her backlash.

You need to let some time go by before you reach out to her. This will be the hardest part but you need to let her mind wander. If she reaches out to you, keep it short and simple. Don’t let the conversation drag out. You guys need to fix your problems. However, this is a slow process. You need to take baby steps. Rushing into things will land you right back where you are now. Let at least two weeks go by before reaching out. Please note that you won’t be reaching out any kind of way. You will write a handwritten letter. A handwritten letter from you is way more personal than a Facebook message or an email. Trust me. It’s old-fashioned but it will gain you some strides.

How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

In the letter, I want you to agree with her decision to end the relationship. Yes, it will give your ex girlfriend a sense of rejection needed to get her thinking about you. She isn’t expecting you to agree with her decision. She’s expecting you to beg and throw a fit. As a man, tell her you agree with her. Tell her that she didn’t deserve how toxic the relationship got (or something to that nature). Tell her you both to deserve to be happy. Include that you hope they can be friends in the future. Also, tell her that you have some great news that you would like to share with her one day. Yes, you will need to think of some great news to share for when she reaches out.

When she reaches out, don’t jump the gun and try to rush back into the relationship. You will end up pushing her away. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.


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