Dear guys, 

I know it may seem like us women are the most difficult creatures to understand but I am here to assure you that we are not. We are all different but we all want the same thing, pretty much. In this post, I will be giving you bullet-proof tips on how to be the best boyfriend and gentleman to your girlfriend or wife. I admire you for taking the time to find out how to make your lady happy. Let’s get to it!

How to Be the Perfect Gentleman

  1. Never abuse your lady. I know you’re probably like, “duh.” But abuse goes way farther than the physical violence. Of course, it is never okay to put your hands on your woman but it’s never okay to abuse her verbally, emotionally, or mentally either. To abuse her verbally is to: call her out of her name, insult her, utter words that are meant to belittle her, etc.
  2. Never stop dating her. You guys have the tendency to stop putting in the same effort that you did to keep her and think she will stay happy. You can’t be the perfect guy in the beginning and then fall off once she falls for you. Guess what? She can still leave you and if she’s smart enough then she will. The dates or romantic gestures shouldn’t stop. The sweet things you told her in the beginning shouldn’t just come to an end because she’s yours emotionally. Keep her coming back for more.
  3. Give her your time. Please understand that a real woman could care less about the money, cars, clothes, etc.. We just want y’all to spend time with us. It’s not even about just being in the same room. It’s about sharing your energy with one another and connecting. Be around her. Cuddle her. Kiss her forehead. Make her feel like she’s the only person that matters to you.
  4. Don’t embarrass her with other women. There is nothing worse than embarrassing your lady. If you aren’t ready to be in a relationship then don’t be in one, genius. There should be no side chick or women you flirt with. Cut it out. You need to dead the non-sense before you make her your girlfriend. Never make another female think she has ‘one up’ on your woman. Unless she’s family, you shouldn’t hug a female with both arms. Keep it respectful.
  5. Always be honest. You may think you’re getting away with lying to her. You’re not. Her female intuition pokes her right in the gut every time you lie. She may not let you know that she knows you’re lying up front but she knows. Just tell the truth up front. Us women will dissect the situation until it makes sense and no matter how long you thought your lie out, you left out something so it doesn’t make sense. She will most likely ask you about it at a later date to see if you tell the same story. Boom.
  6. Be her best friend. You don’t like her friends? Well, become her bestie and she will want to be around you all the time. Listen to her talk even if you think the story is pointless. Give her real feedback – not the “really?…oh okay…lol…that’s crazy…” responses.
  7. Protect her at all times. Not just physically, either. Protect her mind, her thoughts, her values, and her heart. Her heart is in your hand and it’s your job not to break it.

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