Woah! It’s been awhile since I have written a good ol’ hearty blog post. This topic is debatable. I will be giving my opinion on whether social media ruins relationships. Social media is the newest attribute to mix things up in a relationship. Some people will make the argument that  social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ruins people’s relationships.

What Does The Love Gal Think?

What do I think? I think it’s impossible for social media accounts and profiles to ruin relationships. It’s the person behind the profile that ruins the relationship. I think that the same rules apply online that are offline. Flirting and stuff with people who are not your significant other is uncalled for and out of line. If you’re in a relationship then be in a relationship. There’s a certain line that shouldn’t be crossed when you’re in a relationship.

Nowadays, nothing is a secret when social media is involved. Everything you do can be seen by everyone on your friend list or followers. When you’re in a relationship, there’s a good chance that you are friends with your lover’s people online. If you are disrespecting your lover online by taking compliments too far then their people will see it. That’s embarrassing. You are disrespecting them and your relationship.

People do all kind of stuff to disrespect their partners online and then wonder why their family and friends do not like them. They didn’t have to run and tell them everything because people tell on themselves.

It’s not Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter’s fault that you decided to disrespect your partner online. An individual makes a conscious decision to make someone their “Women Crush Wednesday” or “Man Crush Monday” that isn’t their partner (or a celebrity) and wonders why their relationship is failing.

People have said, “it’s just Instagram” or “it’s just Facebook” but wonder why these issues online end up in their offline relationship. Social media is just a big pool of evidence.

I’ll give an example.

One night, I’m online scrolling down my timeline on Instagram. I see that an associate of mine uploaded a picture of himself at the gym, right? Well, that’s when things escalated quickly! I also follow his girlfriend/mother of his child on Instagram (for entertainment purposes) as well. Well, a girl liked his picture. No big deal, right?

Apparently not…

Somehow the situation escalated and the girl turned out to be someone he cheated on his girlfriend with.  The girl exposed the conversation she just had with my associate. He was telling her all the things that he wanted to do to her (again). She took a screenshot of the direct messages and posted them on her profile for the girlfriend to see.

Do you see what I mean when I said, it’s not social media that’s ruining relationships? It’s the person behind the profile…

Nobody made him say all of those things to her in her DM’s. Instagram didn’t come to his house and point a gun at his head and make him type those things. Social media didn’t make him cheat on his girlfriend. He did all of that on his own.

Like I said, social media isn’t the reason for failed relationships. It just exposes what the person behind the social media account is like. If they are a cheater offline then there is a strong possibility that you will see elements of it online.

I’m not saying that they can’t like a few pictures. That’s what most of these social communities are for. However, there still needs to be a line drawn online while you’re in a relationship.

If you’re in a relationship then you don’t need to comment under someone’ s picture with kissy face and heart eye emoji if it’s not your partner. If you wouldn’t do something with your partner standing over you looking at you while you’re doing it then you shouldn’t do it.

That’s The Love Gal’s perspective.

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