We have all heard of the 90-day rule when it comes to sex. The question is, when is it right to use it? Or better yet, when is it proper to have sex with the person that you’re dating? The “old school” rule would say you need to wait 90 days (3-months) before having sex with a guy. Even Steve Harvey came out and reiterated this rule in his book. I don’t agree and I am going to tell you why.

Have you heard women complaining about men leaving after their life after they give up the goods? I’ll give you two reasons why men will leave after sex.

One: As soon as a man meets a woman, they already have an idea of what they want from her. Either they just want to smash or they want something more. It won’t matter how long you make them wait, they’ll leave regardless because of their intentions with you from the start. If he just wants some of your goodies, that’s exactly how he will treat you.

It’s rare that a man will change his mind about wanting something more. It is possible, though. My ex admitted two years into our relationship that all he wanted was sex but he ended up falling for me. If you’re amazing then he may want to stay around. Don’t try to force him to stay in your life. If it’s meant then it will be. There’s nothing worse than a woman trying to convince a man of how great she is. If he is wise then he will see it.

Two: As soon as you put an exact time frame on when he can have the box, you have turned into a game. Men are the kings of games. It’s in their competitive nature. So when you do have sex with him, he will feel like he won the game and go on about his business. Now, I’m not saying that all men are like this. I’m only speaking about the guys who never planned to take you serious in the first place. Men will chase you until they get what they want. After they get what they want, what’s the reason to chase you?

You don’t have to wait 90 days to have sex with him. Have sex with him when it feels right to you. There’s a chance that you can wait 90 days and still feel uncomfortable with giving him the box. Don’t put a specific time on it. If it feels right then it feels right.

If he’s genuine about his feelings for you then he will stay around. Intrigue him in different ways other than sex. Make him want to know more about your mind and spirit. He can get sex from anybody. What make’s you different from other women?

– The Love Gal