Now, this will actually be the first blog post into ‘celebrity gossip’ but since it goes with the relationship theme of, I will speak on it. 


It seems as if everyone has an opinion on whether or not Ciara is in the wrong for letting Future Jr. around her boyfriend Russell Wilson. It’s mostly men who are “angry” about it.


Don’t get me wrong, I am the same woman who said,” I wouldn’t want my child around their father’s significant other until they are old enough to understand the difference. ” However, I am open minded if the woman is respectable, respectful, and genuine.


I get both parties POV, however – I think people are missing the bigger picture. Future Jr. has two men in his life that care about him, guide him, and will protect him from harm. In this day and age, that is rare. It’s rare for any child to have a consistent father figure, let alone two.


If Russell was a bad guy then little Future would let his mom know. Yes! Even at that age! Babies pick up on the vibes of bad people. You know this if you are around kids. If Future Jr. didn’t want anything to do with Russell then people should worry. If Russell picked him up and he started screaming and trying to get away, then Big Future should worry. A good mom would never let a bad person around her child if she had the slightest bit of doubt. Women’s intuition is a MF!


I feel bad for Ciara and Russell , honestly. No matter what they do, they will be criticized for it.


Russell acknowledges Ciara’s son, picks him up, gives him hugs, etc. People say, “He’s out of line and he shouldn’t do that.”


Well what if he didn’t acknowledge her son? He would be the asshole that just wants to get in the mom’s pants. He would be the guy that told a 1 year old no when he wanted to be picked up. If you’re around kids at that age then you know that it’s easier said than done. How would you feel if someone who is always around your child, deny your child?  First of all, do you know what that does to a kid? Even if Ciara intervened and tried to carry her own son, there’s a chance that the baby would want to be carried by Russell instead. It happens all the time. You never know why a baby prefers to be picked up by someone else instead at a certain moment. They’re unpredictable. If he denied him then there’s a chance of the baby crying hysterically in public. Been there, done that.


No matter what he does, he will be looked at as the bad guy to people who are closed minded.


However, I do think that there should have been a man to man talk between both parties. I think there is still a chance to put this drama to rest.


It’s crazy how no one said anything when Ciara was taking photos with Future’s other kids. *sips tea* … People say, “Oh, that’s too quick for her to bring him around her boyfriend. She’s thirsty.” I do recall Ciara and Future only being together 2 years (barely). And I’m pretty sure his other children were brought around her sooner than that.


If Ciara were to leave her son with someone else to spend time with her boyfriend then people would say, ” OMG, she’s a dead beat. Where’s her baby at?” Clearly when she includes her baby, she’s wrong for that too.


Even when she picks someone who is a positive role model, it’s turned into a negative situation. They say that she only wants his money. Homegirl has been out since I was a child and has a net worth of 15 million (I had to Google it). If she was a gold digger, she wouldn’t have dated Future (no offense to him…I still jam his music).


People are acting like Ciara chose the biggest thug on earth to be around her son. It’s Russell Wilson bruh…Russell Wilson. The guy that went to Military school and chose to put God in his relationship.


I think it’s more of the fact that they look like a cute little family and it’s somebody else’s son. Also, they’re all famous.


This kind of stuff happens all the time with regular people. I can name a good 15 people in the same situation. The situation being, they help raise someone else’s child when the biological parent isn’t around – whether it’s because the parent is gone all together or one parent has moved onto a new relationship. And guess what? All parties are fine and the kids know the deal but still loves everybody.


When two people break up they both  realize whether they admit it or not, that it’s a great chance that someone else will be in the child’s life.


Why is it such a big deal in this scenario? Because they’re famous and the media makes things 10 times worse than what it is.