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Cheap but Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend


Showing your girlfriend that you care about her shouldn’t have to break your pockets. With the right girl, she will appreciate any and everything you do if you put thought into it. Here are 7 gift ideas that you can pull off for your wife or girlfriend for under $15. Feel free to watch the video above to discover inexpensive gift ideas for the woman in your life. The following gift ideas don’t have to be for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary. It will be even more special if you decide to give her presents on a random day. Below, you will find 7 gift ideas and a bonus so be sure to read this article to the end. 

  1. Make her a playlist filled with songs that remind you of her. You can do this by making a playlist on a streaming website like Apple Music or Spotify and sending it to her. If you are old school, you can make a mixed CD using all the music that you have bought over the years. You can take it a step further and write a memo on why the songs remind you of her. You can tell her what lyric speaks to your soul. Music is the universal language of love. Even if you can’t find the words to tell her how you feel, music can do it for you.
  2. Put together a basket or bucket of all of her favorite snacks. We all know that food makes women happy. However, it will be special to her because it shows you have paid attention enough to know everything that she likes. Also, women are sometimes insecure when it comes to eating a lot. The gesture of getting all of her favorite snacks will show her that she can be comfortable around you to binge on snacks. Get a cute basket, fill it with her favorite snacks, put a bow on it and give it to her randomly or during movie night.
  3. Give her a single rose and a handwritten letter to express how you feel about her. Women absolutely love to hear about how their partner feels about her. Women cherish every sweet text message that they receive and read them over and over. Take the time to sit down and write down everything that you would her to know. You can tell her what you love about her and more. No letter is too long for the person you love.
  4. Give her a handmade book with pictures of the both of you in it. You can find blank books at Barnes and Noble or Target. You can pick one that your girlfriend would like. I would recommend buying one that’s her favorite color. Next, you need printouts of the pictures of the both of you together. You can get pictures printed at Walgreens, Costco, Sams Club, etc.. Next, you will need a glue stick to glue the pictures inside of the book. On the opposite page, you can write sweet messages about the picture or memory that took place in the photo. She will cherish the book as long as she loves you.
  5. Buy matching apparel for both of you to wear together. You may think that this idea is “corny” but she will love it. You can find matching apparel here. Women love to show off who she loves the most. It would mean a lot to her if you bought it and wanted to wear it with you. You can take it a step further and schedule a mini photoshoot and tell her to wear it.
  6. Plan an affordable date. Dates do not have to be expensive. If they are, you waited until your girlfriend planned it. If you take the initiative and plan a date before she asks you to then you can save money. Don’t wait until your girlfriend or wife asks you to take her on a date. You can find local things to do in your city on The activities on Group On are heavily discounted. Pick something that you think would be fun for both of you and go do it!
  7. Plan a couple photoshoot. Let’s be honest, it’s always the woman who plans things like a couple’s photo shoot. You can be different and beat her to the punch. She would think it’s adorable that you would like to capture your love on camera.

Bonus Gift Idea – A Pillow She Can Wake Up To

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Imagine giving the woman you love a pillow with a quote that says exactly how you feel. Imagine her rolling over in the morning and the first thing she sees is the pillow you gave her. You will give her a permanent reminder on how you feel about her. She will grab and hug this pillow every time she misses you.

You can get her this pillow and more like it here.