So you want to win back your ex? That’s understandable. When you experience real love, you want to hold onto it for as long as possible. But let’s face it. Real life isn’t the movies. Real couples get into arguments and sometimes break up. However, just because you break up with your significant other doesn’t mean you aren’t meant you’re not meant to be together. Break-ups are more common in today’s definition of relationships than you realize. If you get your ex to realize that your relationship isn’t over then both of you can move forward together. 






How to Win Back Your Ex Back For Good


The first step to getting your ex back is to figure out what the problem was. What happened? Before you answer that question, take your emotions out of the equation. How did you contribute to the break-up? Before you say that you did nothing wrong, realize that for every action, there is a reaction. You may have not been a bad person but there’s a reason why you two aren’t together. Could you have done more to make the relationship better and make them happier? You need to know because it will be helpful for the future.


The second step is to give your ex the space they need. There’s nothing worse than appearing desperate at a time like this. Let them breathe. In their mind, this may not be a permanent break up. Sometimes people break up with their partners to teach them a lesson. You need some time to think as well. This will also give them time to start missing your presence. Whether they admit or not, they will miss you (unless you were a complete asshole). People get comfortable with routines. If you guys were texting all day and then it immediately stops then they will miss it. Give them space and let them come back to you.


The third step is get yourself together. Do you want your ex to notice you? Enhance your looks and regain your happiness. Right now, I’m sure you feel empty but you have to feel complete regardless of if they are with you or not. A happy person is attractive. You need your ex to see you in a new light. Switch it up to make them notice.


How Win Your Ex Back

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