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What to Say to Your Ex to Get Them to Come Back

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How to Get Your Ex Back In The Real World

Right now, your ex is the only thing that you can think about. You wake up thinking about them and most likely go to sleep thinking about them. You went online for answers for how to get your ex back and stumbled on The Love Gal website. It's great that you did because you are about to be led to the same advice that has helped over 77,000 people get their ex back. No matter if you're a guy that wants to know how to get your ex girlfriend back or a woman that needs advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back, just know that we got you covered! Take the following tips into consideration when trying to get your ex back:

Why Relationships Fail

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No matter what happened in your relationship, every relationship ends because of two things - lack of understanding and the two people weren't on the same page. Think about it. No matter how perfect it seemed in the beginning, the most important elements were missing. Now, you are forced to wonder and look information on how to get your ex back. Thank goodness you found this blog!

In order to start off a relationship strong, communication has to be involved. Not just any kind of communication - deep communication. Deep communication leads to understanding. Did the two of you understand what was expected of you? When you are wrapped up in your emotions in the beginning of the relationship, you forget to make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

I am here to let you know that most relationships are doomed to fail from the beginning. Why? You two weren't on the same page to begin with. Did you ever discuss what bothers you and what you will and won't tolerate in a relationship? Did they discuss it with you?

When you reach a certain age, you know what you want and don't want in a relationship. For your ex to to have left you then they realized that you couldn't give them what they wanted. If there was an understanding about what they expected in the beginning then most of the problems could've been solved easily. Feel me?

Some assume that everyone knows how to be in a relationship and that's not true. Everyone wasn't taught how to love or treat someone. Has your partner ever got mad at you and didn't tell you why? It's because they assumed that you should know the ugly thing that you did. They assumed that you knew that your actions would upset them and did it anyway.

Trust me, I have been on both sides of the silent treatment. Communication is key.

Relationships fail because:

  1. There is a major lack in communication
  2. There is a major lack in understanding
  3. One person didn't have the honest  intentions to give what their partner wanted and needed
  4. One person didn't care enough to understand the problems and how it made their partner feel
  5. One person didn't respect their partner enough to fix the issues at hand

19 Steps to Getting Your Ex Back

When I created my "how to get your ex back" video, I had you in mind. I remember being in the exact same place you're in and wondering what to do. It's so easy to make your situation worse when you miss your ex. You sort of develop anxiety because of the unknown. Below, I will go over the blueprint to getting your ex back and why each step is important. When you watch my webinar, you will learn how to go about doing things.

How to Get Your Ex Back Steps

  • Step 1: Re-Invent Yourself. Why is it important to re-invent yourself? The same ol' you is a constant reminder as to why things didn't work out. Your ex will move on to someone else because they need a fresh start. You can prevent them moving on to someone else if you can make them feel like they can get new beginnings with a fresh version of you. In the meantime, you need to take care of yourself. You don't want your ex to pity or feel sorry for you. You want them to look at you as an equal, not someone that they are better than. You probably won't see how to get your ex back with this advice, but if you are willing to look at things from a different point of view then you will get ahead.
  • Step 2: Think, Think, & Think Some More.  You have some explaining to do to yourself and the people around you. You seriously need time to evaluate everything and look at your relationship from the outside looking in. Take your emotions out of the equation and think about what needed to change about yourself and the relationship. Don't try to play the victim. There's a reason why you're single.
  • Step 3: You're Doing It Wrong...Everything . Your ex and their friends sit around and crack jokes on how pathetic you look. Woah! That's a bold statement but I'm serious. You are the topic of the evening and it's not in a good way. You want to make your ex cringe when people ask about you. Not because they are annoyed but because they are having second thoughts about leaving you.
  • Step 4: Curiosity Will Bring Them Back. If you are doing this one thing then you are burying yourself in a hole that is so deep that it will be nearly impossible to get out of. Imagine feeding a bird that you want to bring home as a pet. (Work with me)... Would you feed the bird little by little until you get them inside your house or would you throw the whole loaf of bread at them and hope they follow you? If you choose throw the whole load at them then you will end up overwhelming them. Sprinkling little bits of bait will bring your ex right back to you.
  • Step 5: Don't Play The Victim. Like I said before, don't play the victim. There's no need to throw in their face everything that you've done for them because they know. There's no need for you to remind them what kind of person you are. They know. If you don't know what to say then be silent. Saying too much will make the situation worse. Trust me. Everyone has room for improvement.
  • Step 6: Don't Try to Flip The Script If You're in the Wrong. Nothing says, "Hey! I'm an immature douche bag!" more than a person who's trying to flip the script and act like they're not wrong. Let's say you cheated (just an example)...Flipping the script would be blaming your partner for not pleasing you right. That's no excuse. Own your mistakes without trying to put the problem on your partner. Instead of cheating, you should've been trying to make your relationship stronger. Get what I'm saying?
  • Step 7: Analyze Your Situation. Your situation is most definitely different from the person who's standing next to you. You have to ask yourself, "What caused the end of my relationship?" Although it could be a series of things, you have to face the problems head on. What caused the break up? It may or may not have been your fault. You have to lay out the facts without emotions. Did someone cheat? Did someone lie? Did you guys grow apart? Analyzing the problems will lead you to the right solution.
  • Step 8: Let the Situation Breathe. Right now, you're in a rush to get your ex back but the worst thing that you could do is pressure them into talking to you. The best thing that you can do right now is let them come to you. Your situation may seem hopeless right now but it will eventually get better. If you're worried about them forgetting about you then you need to know that they won't. Love and feelings doesn't dissolve overnight - even if they start dating someone else. If it's meant then it will be. I know it's cliche but it's very true.One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is trying to make your ex feel sorry for you. I know that your heart is hurting and you're in pain right now but you have to hold it together. You can not let them see that your life is effected that much from their decision to part ways with you. You have to be strong and look strong. A smile can help a lot. Switch up your style just enough for them to notice. You don't have to do anything crazy but in order to get their attention then you have to make them think that something is different about you.
  • Step 10: Silence Will Only Help You. You can not reach out to them until the time is right. Reaching out too soon can and will hurt your chances of winning them back. Do NOT attempt to get in contact with them for any reason. Even if they left something at your house, do not contact them. If they need something from you, give it to a mutual friend to give them. There needs to be a 14 day period where they shouldn't see you or talk to you. Unless you have children with the person, then there is no reason why you should get in contact with them. Even if you do have children with the person, the communication should only be about them. However, do not use the kid(s) as an excuse to see them or talk to them. There's a time and a place for everything. All social media outlets are off limits as well. Do not stalk their profiles. This will only benefit you. After all, you may see something that you don't want to see. For two weeks, your life should be absorbed around you and things that you like to do.
  • Step 11: Get to Know Yourself Again. Now that you're single, get to know yourself. What's the one thing that you couldn't do because you were in a relationship? Go out with the bros or your girls? Play video games all day? Go fishing? What do you miss doing? Think about it and go do it... a lot of it.
  • Step 12: Fill Up Your Schedule. Whatever you do, stay busy! The last thing that you want to do is lay around and get lost in your own thoughts. It's the worst thing that you can do because you start thinking irrationally and realizing how much you miss them. When you're busy, you have less time to think about them and what happened.I'm sure you know this already but falling into bad habits like smoking and drinking excessively can damage your chances of winning your ex back. Why? Because your mind isn't as clear as it needs to be when dealing with painful situations like this. Your mind needs to be clear at all times because you never know when you are going to run into your ex.
  • Step 14: Do You Really NEED Them Back? Or Are You Feeling Rejected? Is Reconciliation the Best Option? I know that you want to get your ex back but did you have a healthy relationship or was it toxic? Love is the most powerful drug so you may be addicted to the person that you're in love with. You have to ask yourself, "is this person and/or relationship good for me?", and you have to answer truthfully. Now us at TheLoveGal.com knows that every relationship isn't perfect so a couple hiccups are normal. What isn't normal is constant fighting and arguing. We want the best for you. If the relationship is healthy and it's just going through a hurdle, then by all means continue!
  • Step 15: Don't Disrespect Your Ex. Things may have gotten heated and your ex may be dragging your name through the mud but you have to be the bigger person. Even if there is a mutual 'friend' involved that's instigating the situation, don't go off the deep end and say stuff that you don't mean out loud. You can never take back those words once they're said no matter how many times you apologize. If you're ex is running their mouth then let them. By you not saying anything, you're allowing them to put their own foot in their mouth and look like the bad person.
  • Step 16: Don't Feed Into Negativity. Don't Feed into Rumors and Negativity. The task at hand is getting your ex back. That should be your focus. Don't feed into drama surrounding your break up because that can and will lead to bigger problems. It will be hard but ignore any drama and feed into the positive things in your life.
  • Step 17: Go on a Few Dates. You're probably thinking, "OMG, why would I do a thing like that?! I want my ex back!" Chill. Going on a few dates will be good for you because it will show your ex that there are people out there other than them willing to spend time with you. Also, it will let you see that you still got it! You don't have to marry the person, just go out and have a good time.
  • Step 18: Only Have Short Interactions With Your Ex. Right now, it is crucial that you don't blow it. If and when you're ex contacts you, keep it short. That will keep them wanting more. Always end the conversation first. If you see them out in public, it's okay to speak only if crossing paths will be a natural occurrence (I.E. not jetting across the room, hopping over 4 tables, and pushing down an elderly couple to get to them).
  • Step 19: Think Before You Speak. Finding the right words to say to your ex can be the hardest part. Think with logic and not emotion. Your emotions can and will get you and trouble. You have to interact with your ex as if you don't need them. I'm not saying that you should be mean to them but they will sense your neediness.

How I Got My Ex Back / My Break Up Story

how to get your ex to come back beggingHey! My name is Amber. You should definitely read my story. Your story might be similar to mine and I have some great advice once you get passed it lol...

I'm 27 years old and from Los Angeles, California. A while back, I was uprooted from the place I called home for 14 years and moved to Texas. I didn't know anyone. I didn't have family here or anything.

I know. What does this have to do with getting your ex back? You need to know who I am, what I've been through, and the severity of the relationship. I'm sure you could relate somehow. After all, you lost your ex and so did I.

I met David (his name really isn't David but I had to switch it up to protect him) years ago and honestly, he wasn't what I would normally be attracted to. He was short, scrawny, not amazing in the face, etc.


But David is a charming a guy. He would talk to me in a way that no other man did and that's what made me fall for him. We talked all day and everyday. He was sweet. Once again, something else that I wasn't used to.

Everything was going great (so I thought). I even told my friends how we never argued, blah blah blah.

Basically, I ignored the red flags. There were plenty but I was so in love with him that I didn't want to see them and I believed everything he said. The thing about being a woman is, our intuition kicks in whether we want it to or not. I wasn't talking to him as much because his phone got cut off so the only communication we had was through MySpace. (Yes, the beginning of David and I begun in the MySpace era...that long ago).

One day I logged on and went to his page. As I'm scrolling down, I see a girl right behind me on his Top 8 and I didn't know who she was. Yes, David was that bold and/or stupid.

I decided to click on her page and try to gather some information. It said that she was in a relationship. She also had some stuff on there that could've pertained to him but I wasn't sure.

I asked him about her. Of course he lied to me about her. Months went by of me not knowing exactly who this chick was. One day, my gut got to rumbling and a little bird kept telling me to log on. Once again, his phone was cut off. I hadn't talked to him in a week. I logged on. I went to his page - nothing. My stomach felt a little better.

I went to her page - bingo. Her default was of her and my boyfriend snuggled up. I lost all senses, completely. I was pissed, upset, disgusted, sad, etc. The girl he was lying to me about was in a picture with him. Guess what, he was actually looking into the camera and everything like I didn't exist.

When I finally get to talk to him and see what he had to say, he dumped me. Shocked wasn't even the word for how I felt. I expected him to beg and deny until his lips fell off. He didn't.

To make matters worse. He continued to date her. I was cheated on and left for someone else that wasn't even as great as me. Sounds cocky I know, but trust me when I tell you...

I was head over heels in love with David. I didn't want to lose him. I became depressed because he started treating me like I was the one who did something wrong. He started treating me like I was the one who cheated on him. It was so baffling.

He stopped picking up my phone calls and text. He wouldn't respond to emails, nothing. I became depressed. I couldn't eat or sleep. It's not that I didn't want to, but I literally couldn't swallow my food. In fact, I lost 30 pounds in a time span of 1 month. I began to look sick.

When people say love is a drug, they weren't lying. I would look for any and every reason to reach out to him. After all that he put me through, I still wanted us to work it out. I wanted my ex back. I wanted my boyfriend back but I didn't know how to go about getting him back.

I was crazy in love at that point. I had already made myself look pathetic.

I went online for solutions on how to get your ex back and I stumbled on some great advice in the oddest place. It wasn't on the first page of Google or YouTube. I'm not sure how I even stumbled on these tips but I'm glad I did. At first I was like, "this sh*t won't work. This doesn't even make sense."

But then I thought to myself, "what choice do I have at this point?" I started implementing the strategies and after a short period of time, my ex actually reached out to me first. At that point, I knew that if I continued to follow the steps then it would changed everything.

I was STOKED. I started to feel like I could breathe again. David was asking if he could call and talk to me, take me out, etc. The best part about this getting my ex back process is that I didn't have to make myself look foolish anymore.

I remember when I first got back together with my ex. I remember him laying on my chest in my apartment and he lifted his head up and gave me a speech on how much he missed me and how he made a mistake. He also regretted everything that he put me through.

I was speechless. In my head I was like, "wow, that advice really worked." Before taking the steps, I was looking for signs  your ex wants you back.

After all that we shared together, it seemed like everything had vanished and I needed advice on how to get your ex back when he had moved on.

I needed all of the tips to get my ex back as I could get.

Assuming that you went to your favorite search engine looking for tips to get your ex back, you want to know how I did it right? No matter if you're trying to get your ex girlfriend back or trying to get your ex boyfriend back, this should work for you.

My situation was pretty bad but I still managed to get him back. We even started talking about moving in together, getting married, and having kids. Things are better than before.

I have put together a 37-minute webinar on how to get your ex back. I want to help you get your lover back for good. The feeling of being without the person who you know you're supposed to be with is painful.

In order to get your ex back, you need the right guidance. That's why I'm here. I am a fan of love and happiness. You don't know me and I don't know you but I want you to be happy.

My 37 minute webinar on how to get your ex back is totally freeAll you have to do is register for it. I don't know how long it will be up because I pay out of pocket every month for my website to stay up.

Enjoy and good luck!



I Remember Searching for Tips on How to Get Your Ex Back...

I won’t be taking up a lot of your time because your time is valuable. You have a mission to accomplish. But, Right now you’re not in control of your situation. I want to tell you how to win your ex back.

In order to get your ex back, you need to put the ball back in your court. You've been wondering to yourself, "how can i get my ex back?" You must really care about them. I admire that about you. Are you having trouble getting your ex to talk to you? Do you want your ex back more than anything?

Are you out of options and don’t know what to do? You want the answer to the obvious question: How to convince your ex to get back with you? I need you to read this page until the very end because I will be revealing how to get back together with your ex and be in control of your whole situation.

I remember going through exactly what you're going through right now. I couldn't figure out how to get my ex back but I finally cracked the code.

Right now, you don’t really have an appetite. You feel empty and alone. You try to act like you’re okay around your family and friends but on the inside you’re hurting.

This break up really messed you up. It’s understandable. Your ex meant a lot to you and somewhere down the road, it went wrong. You find yourself on the verge of tears at random times. It’s hard. It’s the combination of missing them and how bad the break up was. You need the solution to how to get my ex back.

You feel hurt, confused, and sad. They know what they meant to you but still didn’t try to stay and hear you out. It’s like talking to a brick wall. They have shut you out completely. To be honest, it's not about just winning your ex back. You should be asking how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back or how to get your ex girlfriend to want you back.

You may even be in a more serious relationship and wondering how to get your ex husband back or how to get your ex wife back even after separation or divorce. Stop panicking. There is a solution to everything. The key to getting your ex back is getting them to want you back. Once they start wanting you then you're back in the game.

That's why we created this 37 minute webinar.

You will no longer wonder how to win your ex back. Why? Because you will know the secret to winning your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back. Here is your solution. I know that many websites offer advice that will ‘help’ you get your ex back.

Generic how to get your ex back advice won’t work because it doesn’t tell you specifically how to trigger a man’s weakness point or a woman’s weakness point. That’s where this TheLoveGal.com comes into play…Since you will know what to do and say specifically, getting your ex back will be easier than you thought.

We want you to win.


When it comes to getting your ex back, psychology comes into play. You need to know how the brain (thoughts)  and heart (emotions) comes into play. It's not as simple as saying "I'm sorry" or making broken promises.

You won't get them back by begging and trying to remind them of the good times. The things that you will get your ex back is exactly the total opposite of what you're thinking.

If your ex left you then it's because they became frustrated to the point they had to leave you alone.

The good thing is that if they loved you once then they can love you again. However, it will take time and patience.


The Guide That Switched Everything Around For Me:

  • How to Get Your Ex to Reach Out to You Without You Begging Them To
  • The Difference Between Getting A Man Back and a Woman Back
  • How to Know If Your Ex is Open to the Idea of Reconciliation
  • What to Say to Your Ex to Get Them to Think About You Like Crazy
  • How to Get Your Ex Back Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless