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Everything You Need to Know About the Law of Attraction

Welcome! You are about to learn everything you need to know about how to manifest and the law of attraction. Before we dive in deep to your manifesting journey, you should watch the video above to grasp the concept of how to manifest the right way. It is an excellent visual presentation on what you should be doing through your meditation process. The meditation process is the first crucial step to bringing your manifestation to life! Now, let’s get to the interesting stuff. If you have stumbled on this post you are one step closer to manifesting your deepest desire.. It is recommended that you read this article until the end so you won’t miss any key details.

It may sound super cliche but you can literally attract whatever it is into your life. Learning how to manifest has its challenges if you don’t know the proper routine. That was the purpose of putting together this article – to teach you how to manifest the right way.

This isn’t lucky magic that you see on TV. It is the act of you creating the exact life that you want using your thoughts and emotions. Anything that you would like can and will sit in the palm of your hand. How do I know? I know manifestation works because I constantly speak things into existence and it appears right in front of me. Now, I won’t lie and tell you that I have always realized my “power” because I haven’t. I initially assumed the things that I thought about was a pure coincidence when it appeared right in front of me. I had to start paying attention. If a person who lacks focus (myself) can manifest nearly anything then I know an intuitive person like yourself can too.

What You Need to Know About How to Manifest


You may be wondering, “what is the law of attraction?” or “how can I manifest the fastest?” It is the act of attracting similar energies together. You may have heard of the saying that “like attracts like.”  You attract different things and situations to you based on your emotions and the energy you give to the world.  Everything is made up of energy. In case you were wondering, nothing happens by accident. When you have an extremely good day, it is because you gave the universe extremely good energy. When you have an awful day, you have the universe horrible energy. The energy you put out is what you will receive back to you in different forms. You will master manifestation when you learn to control your thoughts. Your thoughts control your emotions and your emotions control your energy. Your energy is what controls what happens to you. In this article, you will find 7 steps that will help you leverage your energy so you will learn how to manifest the right way. I highly recommend that you stay until the end of this helpful article and watch the videos throughout to learn everything you possibly can in one spot.

This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about because of the power it holds over everyone’s lives. Once you grasp the concept of manifestation, you can get anything you desire. You can manifest money, love, cars, houses, vacations and more once you focus your attention and raise your vibration. It states that you attract into your life what you focus on. This concept can go positively or negatively. In this article, you will find the exact routine needed to attract the positive lifestyle that you’re craving.

As stated before, the law of attraction matches you with things and situations based on the energy that you give to the universe. You can tell the universe over and over what you want to manifest but if your energy isn’t aligned with your desires then you won’t receive it.

You also won’t receive that big upgrade in your life if you aren’t grateful for the things that you have now. Showing gratitude is a great way to show the universe that you are ready for what’s next in your life. You won’t be rewarded with better if you haven’t found the blessings in the things you have now. Start by sincerely looking for the things that you are grateful for now.

The 7-Step Routine to Follow for Manifesting

Learning how to manifest can be simple if you are open to the process. If you are willing to practice then your manifestations will come sooner rather than later. Focusing takes practice but if you are determined to manifest then you will do what it takes. The meditation process is quite relaxing so it should be practiced sitting up. Before you begin, make sure you eliminate any distractions such as cell phones, televisions, and other people who will bother you. Let’s begin!

– Clear your mind. You have so many thoughts that are clouding your ability to manifest properly. How will the universe hear your main desire if your mind is filled with so many other thoughts? Think of your mind as a chalkboard that has never been erased. You have the piece of chalk and you are ready to write what you want on the board. However, there’s no space. You try to squeeze your wish onto the board but you have to write it small. The universe enters the room to see what they need to get to work on but they can’t find what you wrote. You have to clear the board so the universe will see exactly what you want.

  • How does one clear the mind? You clear your mind through your breathing. Close your eyes and focus only on your breathing. Take a deep breath in and then release it slowly. Repeat this exercise 21 times. Focus only on your breathing and nothing else. Notice how your body fills with air and deflate. Clearing your mind takes focus but it’s possible to do with practice.

Increase your vibrations to allow what you want into your life. There’s an abundance door to your life. It’s either going to be open or closed depending on your mood. If you are in a negative space, the door is closed and nothing good will get through the door. When you’re feeling good and happy, the door will open. When the door is open, you are allowing all the things you want to enter your life.

  • How does one increase their vibrations? Get happy and stay happy. Think thoughts of gratitude, joy, and peace. Affirmations come into play when you want to move up the frequency chart. While doing your breathing exercise, incorporate positive affirmations and thoughts of gratitude into the routine. Name off everything that you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Your vibrations will start to shift when you think thoughts of abundance and gratefulness.

– Be specific about what you want. Once you decide on what you want, don’t change your mind. If you want to manifest money, don’t keep switching on the amount that you want. You don’t want to confuse the universe. Each time you change the details, the universe has to start over on its plan to bring it to you. If you want to bring someone into your life, don’t let doubt enter into your realm. Decide what you want and lock in on that desire. Write it down and/or say it out loud.

– Know that what you want is coming. Your ability to know that what you want is achievable will dictate everything. You have to believe (without a doubt) that what you want is coming without a doubt. If you knew a million dollars was on the way to your bank account, would you be excited? If you knew that you were about to be in a relationship with your soulmate, would you be excited? Of course, you would. Get excited now and it will appear faster. Don’t worry about how it will happen – just know that it will.

– Visualize the outcome. Think about your wish. Go through having it in your mind. If you want to manifest money then you should visualize it being in your bank account. If you want to manifest love then you should visualize being with that person in a positive way. If you want your dream car, then you should visualize picking it up from the dealership and driving it. Visualize already having what you want. Do this three times a week before you go to bed and when you wake up. Those times of the day are when your resistance is the lowest.

– Practice Patience. Understand that what you want is coming but it will come at a time that is right for you. You may have heard of the saying, “walk by faith and not by sight.” You should not get angry or irritated because your manifestations didn’t come when you wanted it to. It will come into fruition at a time that will best serve you. Kick back and relax. Things are shifting in your favor to make sure you get what you want. Your only job is to stay happy. When you are feeling emotions other than happiness, peace, and gratitude then the process of manifesting pauses. If you are feeling down then do whatever you have to do to get your mood back to a happy place.

– Detach from the Outcome. What if I told you that the moment you stop caring about what you want then what you want will come? That’s exactly how it works. You have to convince yourself that you are fine no matter what happens. Detaching is the hardest part of the process but it a necessity! You can’t think about what you want all of the time. When you are holding onto your desire, the universe can’t make things flow in your direction because you are holding it hostage in your mental jail.

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How to Talk to the Universe to Get Guidance

Next, I will talk about how to interact with the universe to get it to guide you into your manifestation. Know that you don’t have to overcomplicate things with the law of attraction. If you need guidance, simply ask out loud.

As a professional manifester, I have noticed that when you verbally say things out loud, they come into fruition a lot faster. Scripting works as well but the power of the tongue has sped manifestations up to the point where it is scary.

You have spirit angels around you at all times. They are there to assist you with what you need to accomplish. If you need guidance on how to manifest something then you should let them know. At the right time, you will receive the answer to your problem. It is important to clear your mind first before you attempt the manifestation process. In my opinion, it is the most important step. You need to quiet your mind so the universe can hear your true intent of what you’re asking for.

Like I said, don’t overcomplicate things. If you would like to manifest a moment, money, love, or an object then you should use the following example below:

I would like to have ______________ (insert thing) in the next ___________ (insert date or time frame in which you would like it to come).

Remember, you should verbally tell the universe what you would like out loud.

In Conclusion

You can literally have whatever you would like because it is law. As the saying goes, “ask, believe, and receive.” Practice patience. Things will come at the right time, not when you want it to come. The timing will make perfect sense once your manifestation comes to life.

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