Healthy relationshipHey! It’s The Love Gal here. This post will give you an insight on how to have a healthy relationship. Of course it’s easier said than done. However with these relationship tips, you and your partner can find a common ground to make the relationship healthy and happy. Always remember, a relationship is more than 50/50. Both parties should give 100% effort, making it 100/100. Lets get into this relationship advice now!

1. Try understanding your partner’s past and their way of thinking.

What if I told you that you can reduce the number of times you get mad at your partner if you can expect what they do before they do it? Get to the point where nothing that they do surprises you. In order for relationship’s to last, the both of you need to sit down and talk about every trauma, every disappointment and every terrifying moment that the both of you have experienced. Talk about how those moments make you feel. Discuss how you think those moments are affecting you to this day. Yes, date back to the first memories. What do you remember about your childhood? Let each other know it’s okay to feel the way you guys are feeling. Assurance is necessary during this process.

I think that we get frustrated with our partners only because we didn’t see their actions coming. We often shy away from the deepest conversations because we don’t want to relive traumatic events. However, it’s absolutely necessary to move forward together.

2. Make sure you’re on the same page and have similar goals.

Some of us jump into relationships or “situationships” assuming that our partner wants the same thing as us. It’s 100% acceptable to ask questions before taking the next step. The following questions are questions that you need answers to:

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Do you want kids?
  • What religion do you follow?
  • Are you looking for a committed relationship?
  • Are you looking for a committed relationship, with me?
  • What do you expect of me as your partner?
  • Do you want to live in the city, suburbs, or country when you get older ?
  • How would you discipline your children?
  • Do you believe in gender roles? Do you expect things to be 50/50?

Remember, you can’t force someone to want the same things or views as you. They have to genuinely want it for themselves and hopefully they coincide with what you want.

3. Accept them the way they are but help them grow for themselves

Many of us meet a person and fall in love with the potential of who they could be, not who they are. Reality and dreams are two different things when no action is taking place. You cannot make a person change. They will either want to change for the better or change because they sincerely want you in there life. Accept your partner for exactly who they are or risk being disappointed because they aren’t living up to the potential that you want them to be.

4. Trust and Communicate

Trust and communication will literally make or break a relationship. Remember that everyone isn’t out to break your heart. They are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. Trust builds the relationship and communication keeps it steady. Don’t assume that they know how you feel. Express to them what bothers you. If they don’t attempt to correct their actions then they may not care enough about the relationship. All you can do on your end is try.

5. Treat them EXACTLY how you want to be treated

If you were dating you, how would you want them to treat you? Apply that same energy towards them. If you don’t want them cheating on you, don’t cheat on them. If you want them to do thoughtful things for you, do thoughtful things for them. If you want them to be nice to you, be nice to them. You won’t ever have to worry about how you should treat your partner if you’re treating them as if you’re dating yourself.

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