how to get him backThe good news is that feelings don’t go away overnight. Getting him back won’t be hard if he didn’t stop having feelings for you before the relationship ended. Make sense? Sometimes people stay in a relationship even though they don’t want to be in it anymore. If your man still wanted you right up until the break up then this break up was  spur-of-the-moment and most likely out of anger. They key to getting him back is taking action before he no longer cares about the situation. There’s a certain window that you have to take action – not too soon and not too late. If the relationship is fixable then he will be back and sooner than ever. In this article, I will be discussing how to get your ex boyfriend back and how to do it effectively.

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How to Get Him Back

  • Never Show a Sign of Weakness. Men don’t like women who make their whole life about them. Now that you guys aren’t together, you need to show him that you will be okay without him. If you still have to see him, make sure that you are looking your best at all times – that includes keeping a smile on your face as well. It may be hard at first, but it will help you in the long run. If you won’t cross paths then take plenty of pictures out and about. More than likely, someone that he knows will either run into you or see your pictures. Trust me, you will come up in conversation.
  • Cut All Ties For the Time Being. I know, I know, I know. You want to talk to them now! You don’t want to be without them any longer. I get it. You have to be strong. If you’re thinking that they will move on if you don’t communicate with them then you’re wrong. Relax. You guys both need time to breathe anyhow. He will miss you more not talking to you than you blowing up his phone wanting to talk. Sprinkle some mystery in your relationship. If he see’s or hears about you looking great then he will start to doubt his decision. He will start to doubt your decision even more when he hasn’t talked to you. He will start to think, “has she moved on already?”
  • When the time comes – don’t talk just listen. When the time comes, let him do the talking. This is important because he will let you know everything that you need to know right then and there. If he doesn’t say much then he is still feeling some type of way. Give him more time. If he breaks out into a big speech then listen to what he’s saying. This moment won’t come around often but he’s about to tell you how he feels about you. Whatever you do, don’t get angry or raise your voice. Even if he gets loud, talk to him in a normal tone. He will have no choice but to lower his voice to hear what you’re saying. Keep it cute. If you want him back, agree with what he’s telling you. It will start to reverse things.


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