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source: youtube

You are a great catch but girls just don’t flock to you like you want them to. You are always friend zoned to the girls that you want and you’re fed up with it. You want to know how to get girls to like you! Maybe a girl liked you before and you guys lost touch and you want to know how to get a girl to like you again. Either way, you’ve been on the wrong page with women and it’s time to change that. This article will teach you how get girls to like you and see you as the man of their dreams. Continue reading to get the insider secrets of getting multiple girls to fall for you without trying.


How to Get Girls to Like You

First thing you need to do is watch this video from a ‘girl magnet’ to see what he does and how he talks to girls.

Today you will learn ways to get a girl to like you.  You know you can be a great boyfriend if only the girl you wanted will look at you more than that one guy that she’s not interested in. You see these girls go through the most with the wrong guys and you just don’t get why women go through all the BS when they can get with a guy like you who will treat them right.  

How to Get Girls to Like You

Hey… My name is Amber. Now, you don’t have to listen to what I am about to tell you. But the fact of the matter is, I am a female and I know how to get girls to like you because, well, I am a girl so I know how our brain operates so I can tell you some ways to get girls to like you. Wouldn’t you want to get advice from someone who is constantly giving advice?

Or better yet, wouldn’t you want to take advice from someone who everyone wants relationship advice from? I thought so…  You NEED to know how get a girl to like you. You aren’t getting any younger. If you don’t know to master this concept then let’s face it, you will never know how to get the girl that you want.

If you are constantly friend zoned by the girls you want then you will end up settling for a girl that actually wants you… You know, the girl that none of the guys want. I guess that’s cool if you want to be the couple that ended up together because no one else wanted them.

How to Get Your Dream Girl to Like You

If you want to learn how to get any girl you want and when you want, watch this videoYou want to know the secret to getting girls to like you? Girls like a chase. We don’t want a guy that makes it easy for them to get them. We like a challenge. We don’t like guys that seem to be already perfect.

For some odd reason, we like guys that we can mold into the perfect guy. Why do you think so many girls are attracted to ‘bad boys’ ? Opposites are attracted to each other period.

Another thing that makes girls attracted to guys is the concept of them acting like they don’t like them. If a guy friend zones a girl then that makes the girl like the guy even more. They want to get out of the friend zone ASAP.It’s the same thing for guys.

How do you get a girl to like you?

  1. Don’t show a lot about yourself all at once. Girls like to dig and solve a mystery about a person.
  2. Don’t be ‘that guy’ that’s already perfect and wants to be with them. Girls like a challenge. If they know that that it won’t be easy to get you then they will try harder to get you.
  3. BOSS UP! What I mean by that is, be different from the other guys. Get a hobby and become really good at it.
  4. Make sure you’re complete without a female by your side. Nobody likes a clingy and weak man. Women loves strong men so make sure you’re strong within and out.
  5. Take this advice

Getting girls to like you isn’t hard but getting the perfect girl to like you back will need more effort. Good girls are hard to come by in 2016. If you find a girl that you like then you need to put your effort into her only. The reason I say that is, girls hate when guys play games and flirt with other girls. You need to make her feel special.