why you should marry your tomboy girlfriend
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You see, there are girlfriends and then there are the best girlfriends on the planet. There are girls and then there are the best type of girls on the planet. There’s a difference. A tomboy is a girl who isn’t the most feminine. She’s often mistaken for a lesbian because she prefers sneakers over high heels. Tomboys make the best girlfriends and will make the best wives as well. It takes a special type of guy to understand and love this type of chick but at the end, he will be very happy in his relationship. In this post, I will be giving my very biased opinion on why tomboys make the best mates for men. 😉

10 Reasons to Marry Your Tomboy Girlfriend

She understands your disgusting ways. It’s great to have someone who will burp and fart when they need to instead of acting like human gas is so uncommon and disgusting. Now, I’m not saying that your tomboy girlfriend will sit around and burp and fart 24/7  but she will let one go now and then in front of you. If you’re mature enough to know that women have gas that needs to be released as well, then you shouldn’t care. It doesn’t bother you because she lets you be a man without bitching and calling you names. 

She’s more independent than most women. She won’t be calling your name 24/7 to help her with something. Most of the time, she doesn’t want your help. She wants to do stuff by herself. The top to the peanut butter must be on really tight if she asks you to open it. However, realize that she exhausted every option available before she asked you. She doesn’t want you to feel like less of a man but she’s used to doing things by herself and for herself. There’s a chance that she wasn’t babied growing up because she’s a girl. Just go with it. She’ll come to you when she really needs you.

Why You Should Marry Your Tomboy Girlfriend

It’s like you’re dating two different women. It’s not often that she really dresses up but when she does, she shuts down the scene. She’s beautiful without makeup and dresses that hug her figure but she when she tries, she stops the world. Your girl is more comfortable in clothes that are comfortable. Her make-up is never over the top. She’s just natural. She’s cute either way but she can go from cute to sexy as hell when she wants to.

You’ll never go hungry. She’s not the girl who will order the salad to look cute in front of you. When she’s hungry, she will eat accordingly. With that being said, there’s a good chance that she can cook. She doesn’t like being hungry so you can hop on her meals to avoid starvation. If she can’t cook then she knows where all the good food spots are around town.

She doesn’t take as long to get ready. Your girl has “go-to” outfits that she throws on for quick runs. She doesn’t feel the need to get dolled up every time she leaves the house. She has you so she doesn’t care if she’s impressing anyone else.

She’s Your Homie, Lover, Friend

She wants her own money. Have you heard of those girls who only dates guys who has a lot of money? She’s not one of them.  She’s not looking for you to take care of her. Like I said before, she doesn’t want your help unless she truly needs it. Don’t worry about her always in your pockets. She doesn’t expect you to take care of her.

There’s a good chance that she’s super funny. I’m not sure why but girls who aren’t prissy, usually have a serious sense of humor. What’s better than having a partner who can make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard?

You Have a Winner!

She’s your best friend and partner. She’s the best friend that you can kiss in the mouth without it being weird. She’s the person that you can tell your fears to and know that she is the person who has your best interest. You will be content watching the game with her because she knows just as much about sports than you do. You may come home and she’ll be playing video games in one of your over-sized T-shirts.

She wants her space just as much as you do. One thing she isn’t is clingy. She understands that you want to have some time with your boys. She wants time with her girls too. There’s a good chance that she won’t be blowing up your phone when you’re not around (unless there’s trust issues). She’ll see you when you get back.

Her sex drive will leave you clinching your chest. It’s something about those women who will take control in the “bedroom”, right? She will turn into the man in the sense of , taking control. When she wants , she’ll let it be known.

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