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Watching your crush on a regular basis is torture when they don’t know how you feel. Un-returned love is the real silent killer. We have all been there before and having a crush not know how we feel is horrible. What makes things worse is when you put off making your feelings and intentions unknown. That is how you die, that is how you build up so much internal emotional investment that you never take action. This article is all about how to take action and how you can stack the cards in your favor.


How to Get Your Crush to Like You Back


Improve Yourself. You need to be someone worth noticing. I know that this is easier said than done but everyone should  improve your visibility in the dating game. Now, I’m not saying that you need to change who you are but enhancing your appearance will help your crush notice you. You can start working out, buy cuter clothes, work on your personality to become more of a catch. Build more equity into your romantic self so that you are someone who others are attracted to. This might take a while but it is well worth it. Do this and things will work out better for you.

Strike Up Conversations With Your Crush. It’s easier to get your crush to like you if you have some sort of relationship with them. Aim to be their friend first so you can have an advantage on what they like. It doesn’t hurt to complement them every so often. It doesn’t have to be something obvious. You can compliment them on their haircut or shoes.

Create A Good Life. Build the type of life that someone else would want to be a part of. I know that people hate improving themselves and feel entitled to a partner but that is  silly. Build a good life not just to attract another person, but to  make you into a better person. Who could resist  a person that is great on the inside and out and has their life together?  This is something that you have to do now.

How to Get Your Crush to Notice You

Make Yourself Known. Are you in the shadows of your crush? Do you know what I’m talking about? You have a crush who doesn’t even know that you are alive! There is nothing worst than this! Rejection is actually better because you know where you stand. You need to make yourself known. You have to start building a rapport with your crush. You can  flirt with your crush and create a bit of sexual tension if you are a bold person. Step outside your comfort zone and make things happen. It can be a bit scary but it is so worth the effort –  even if you fall flat on your face.

Don’t Focus on Your Crush So Much.  No matter if your crush has a partner or  if they are single, they can still reject you. Is life over? No! Have you wasted your time doing these wonderful and positive things? No, you have not. You have in fact made progress. What you have done is built a ton of equity and have built a foundation for a really cool life that will include pursuing and dating other people better than your crush.

How to Get Your Crush to Desire You

Life is far from over, matter of fact, it is just beginning for you. So don’t be a brat and act like you have lost everything, when you have gained so much more than that one person’s romantic interest. You are worth someone’s time and effort. You will meet the person who you are supposed to be with. It may not be now but you will someday.