How to Get the Man of Your DreamsI simply love giving advice on dating and relationships. I’m always told that I give the best advice. I don’t know where it comes from but I’m not complaining. However, I can’t take credit for this advice. I hope that you read everything that I have to say, though. Here’s how the advice came about. It was the night before my big sister’s wedding. My big sister, my little sister, my sister’s older brother, and her best friends were sitting in the bridal suite at the hotel talking. My sister’s older brother gave the opportunity to ask us anything about men and how they operate. He’s a grown, successful, god-fearing, married man that adores his wife. It was appropriate to ask him advice on dating considering he wasn’t just some random man that wasn’t qualified. 



My sister’s best friend had been separated from her husband so she steered the conversation. She asked, “What does it take to get a good man?” Obviously, the person whom she was married to didn’t honor her marriage in more ways than one. I was curious on his answer. I was the second youngest in the room but I wasn’t too young to listen.

How to Get the Man of Your Dreams

His response kind of opened up my eyes.

He told us, “You need to be the best woman you can be in order to attract the man you deserve.” He went on to tell us that we can’t ask for things in a partner that we are not. For example, you can’t ask for a wealthy man when we work minimum wage. You will be a liability and not an asset to his life. You can’t want a man that owns a home when you live with your mother. You can’t want a man without kids when you have kids. You can’t want a man with a nice car when you drive a lemon.

You have to work on yourself, first. What qualities do you want in a man? Do you mirror those qualities? I’m not saying that you have to be the exact match to your dream man but you have to be close.

You have to be able to add value to his life. You have to be able to enlighten him on things he doesn’t know about and vice versa.

A lot of women are looking for someone to save them financially and/or emotionally. You need to be complete before you meet him. You have to let it be known silently that you want him and don’t need him.

If a man wants you to need him and depend on him to be happy then he has targeted you because of your low-self esteem. He knows that he can get away with a lot more with you then with an emotionally stable woman.

In order to get the man of your dreams, you need to show him that you’re different from the rest. Let’s face it. The ratio between woman to man is not equal. He has plenty to choose from so you need to elevate yourself.

How to Get and Keep a Man

Work on being the best you can be. You don’t have to go out and search high and low for the man of your dreams. God will place him in your life at the right time – when you’re ready. Be patient.

Know exactly what you want. It’s okay to have a list of requirements but make sure that you are worthy of the man you want. If you want a kind man, are you kind? If you want a thoughtful man, are you a thoughtful woman? Make sure you’re realistic on your list. There’s not one perfect person out there. Keep that in mind.

Know what you will and won’t put up with. Yes, this will slim down the number of dates but the ones who can meet your expectations and keep promises are worth your time.