How to Get Your Ex Wife BackLet’s cut right to the chase. You need help so you hopped on the internet to and typed in how to get your ex wife back or something to that nature. I am a woman so I can help you get your wife back from a woman’s point of view. I’m sure you have gotten advice from “the bros” but you know their advice isn’t the best. You may feel like you can’t talk to anyone about missing your ex because you will feel judged. It’s okay. You need unbiased advice anyway. My name is Amber and I am here to help you. I am the owner of and my passion is helping people getting their ex back and leading them in the right direction. My best advice at this point is for you not to skim through this article. I will be telling you how to get your ex-wife back.




How to Get Your Ex Wife Back


The first thing that you need to do is sit in silence and think about when things first went south. How did your actions or words contributed to the separation or divorce? It’s easy to blame everything on the other party but a marriage is a partnership. People often say marriage is 50/50, but it’s not. Marriage between two people is 100/100.  Both parties should give their all in effort to have the best union possible. I want you to think about what you could have done to be a better husband. I also need you to own your flaws. In order to get your ex back, you have to be sincere about your wrong doings.

How to Get Your Ex Wife Back

Now, that you have thought about the things that you have done to contribute to your marriage going south, your ex wife needs to know that you have done some thinking. You aren’t going to reach out in a traditional way. You are going to write your ex wife a letter. This letter won’t be long. It will be one page (maximum). You need to mention:

  • That you have taken some time to think
  • The things you have done wrong
  • All of the things she didn’t deserve
  • How you don’t blame her for leaving
  • She’s the type of woman who deserves to be happy
  • Hope that one day you can rebuild a friendship at least
  • You got some great news that you would like to share with her

Now, if you have tried getting her back then you need to wait awhile before mailing this letter. If you have already done “the fool” by begging and pleading then you need to say that you apologize for those desperate actions and that behavior isn’t “like you”. You will put this letter in the mail and mail it to her address. An email will not work. This letter needs to be personal. There’s nothing more personal than a handwritten letter from you with your scent attached to it.

Now, don’t wait until the last-minute to think of some great news. There’s has to be something great that can possibly happen from now and then. Maybe, you have put some things in motion business wise or you quit smoking.

By telling her that there is some great news, this will build curiosity within her. However, do not tell her over the phone when she contacts you. Keep the phone and text conversations short. The goal is to get her in person.

When you do meet up with her, there needs to be something new about you. You don’t need to be the same old “Jeff” that she’s used to seeing. You can clean yourself up or do something different with your hair. A subtle change will be nice. Even if it’s small, she will notice.


For the full guide on what to say to get your wife back, click here to watch this video.