Getting a man’s attention is difficult but once you do, you need to take it a step further. You want to make him desire you – you know, think about you all the time, want to spend time with you, want to take things to the next level with you and all of that jazz. But how do you do that? I am about to tell you how. In this article, I will let you know how to make him desire you like no other. The concept is quite simple but you have to know what pushes a man’s buttons in a good way.

How to Make Him Desire You

Making him desire you is quite simple. You just have to do the exact thing that the other girls aren’t doing. You see, there are way more females on earth than men. So that means at one point in a man’s life, a man has had multiple women throwing themselves at him at once. The guy you want may be very ‘popular’ or may have a lot of ‘groupies’ but you don’t want to be like the rest of them. You want his eyes to be on you and only you.

How to Make Him Desire You A Lot

In order to make him desire you, you have to take the attention off of him and put it on you. Men love a girl with confidence. More importantly, the love a girl who isn’t all over him doing exactly what he wants her to do. He want’s the girl who has a life of her own.

In order to get his attention, there has to be something about you that’s worth noticing besides your appearance. Yes, your appearance will get you noticed but what else do you have to offer?

Maybe you play a sport or have your own business. Make him see that you are the best at what you do. That will impress him. Once he asks for your number, don’t sit around and wait for him to text you. When he does get in contact with you, don’t text back immediately. You want to make it seem like you’re not just sitting around waiting for him to contact you. At first, keep the conversations short. When you end the conversation short, you want him to want more. When you end the conversation with him first, then he will end up thinking about you more and more and that’s a good thing.

Making Him Desire You

Don’t reveal too much at once. Sexting and naked pictures are out of the question! You want to be a mystery. Leave something to the imagination. Of course, he will want to take it to the next level but don’t make it so easy for him. Guys sleep with easy girls but don’t want to end up with an easy girl. Get it? Guys love a challenge.

  • Stay beautiful
  • Show that smile
  • Don’t be too clingy
  • Don’t reveal too much at once
  • Leave something for the imagination

The key to making a man desire you is making him miss you. Once he starts thinking about you all of the time then he will start falling for you and desiring to be around you more and more.

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