What do men really want from women? I am about to give you the run down on what your man wants from you. It’s not how good you can cook or clean or whatever these so called “gurus” have told you. If you haven’t realized it yet, men won’t come out and tell you exactly what he wants and needs from you until he is absolutely comfortable and in love with you. All men have their guard up because they have a fear of getting hurt. When men actually fall in love with a woman, they love hard so don’t feel a certain way when your man does not come out and tell you how he feels and what he wants from you.


What Men Want From Women

You see, we are taught that a man wants a woman who looks good, smells good, cooks good, cleans good, and lets him watch football on Sunday in peace. While some of it is true, there’s more to pleasing your man that whats showed on TV. If a woman does all of the above to please her man than why do men still cheat or leave? It’s because the relationship lacks more than the obvious. As the love gal, it is my job to tell you what men really want and desire in a relationship. Let’s get to it.

Support From You

I touched on this in my How to get him to propose article, I will touch on it again. Your man wants to know that you have his back no matter what. Your man feels as if he has a life mission to complete and if you don’t show that you will help him complete his life mission then he will eventually let you go.

Us women would love to have stability in life. The ultimate goal when finding our dream man is to get the ring, get married, move into our dream home and have his children. Until your man feels like he is close to accomplishing his main goal then he will not be 100% committed to your relationship. I don’t necessarily mean that he will cheat with other women but he will cheat on you with his career and his mission in life. Majority of his time will go towards his dreams.

Don’t be the woman who doubts his dreams or goals because you don’t think it is stable or too time consuming. He wants you to support every idea that he has even if that means making sacrifices. If you don’t support his dream then he will find someone who believes in him and she will end up getting the ring instead of you.

No matter how stupid or unrealistic it is, support it. If there is anything you can to help your man be on his way to reaching his dreams then do it. It doesn’t have to be anything major because it is the little things that count. Everyone including your man needs someone to listen to them. He may not open up about the stuff that you want to know but this is a stepping stone for your relationship. You can support him by bring him some good food to the work place when he has to work late nights. You will be surprised on how well your relationship with your man goes after you show support. If you aren’t sure on ways to show him you support him then tell him.


You walk into your home office and you notice that your man is working very hard on the computer. You proceed to ask about what he is working on. He turns around in the swivel chair and tells you, “Babe, I’m thinking about quitting my job to become a musician and I’m doing some research”. Meanwhile your heart is racing because he brings in six figures annually and you know there is a one in a million chance that he will be a successful musician. You can’t tell him that he won’t make it and it is a stupid idea. The ideal thing to say would be, “Thats great. I know music is what you really want to do so I support you and your dreams. I know you’ll be great”.

Love The Real Him

Your man wants to know that you love the real him. He wants to know that you are truly in love with the man he is when he is by himself. There is two sides to every man; the man he is when he’s around his family and friends and who he is when nobody is watching.

The first thing you will have to do is find out who your man really is. This won’t be an easy task because he won’t come out and tell you who he really is. Who hetells you he is and who he shows you he is will be two different people. Your man can come out and tell you that he is a family man, he makes a lot of money and he doesn’t cheat on women. It is never that simple. Figure out who he is by analyzing his actions. How does he eat his food, what makes him laugh, what makes his blood boil, etc.? By analyzing him then you can see who he really is.

From there, you let him know that you love the little stuff about him that makes him who he is. Let him know that you don’t care about what kind of car he drives, his money, or how big his house is. None of that should matter to you anyway if you are truly in love.

We as women are very observant beings anyway so observing and taking note of his actions won’t be hard for us. He will love that you notice the little stuff about him.


Your boyfriend or husband wakes up every morning to eat a bowl of his favorite cereal. When preparing his bowl of cereal, he pours 75% of cereal and 25% of milk every time. Nothing about this scenario changes. You now know by watchinghim that he likes more cereal than he does milk. Now, when you go to pour his bowl of cereal, you know exactly like he likes it. He may not notice that you got it right but you can remind him by asking him if you poured enough milk. When he tells you yes, then you can go on to tell him how you noticed that he likes more cereal than milk.


Support your man and love him for who he really is. Yes, being a great cook and great in bed is an added bonus but he needs you to be there for him.


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