Being in a relationship can be difficult enough, and adding distance to the equation will test the relationship and the two individuals involved. Distance will either make or break your relationship. If you and your partner want it bad enough then the relationship can and will work. However, there has to be some key elements involved in order for it to work. In this blog post, I will be giving you some tips to help your situation. 


5 Tips to Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

I always say that there are 5 ways to be there for someone. Those ways are: mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. Since there is a significant amount of distance in your relationship then the physical aspect is “x’d” out the equation by default. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just the way things are right now. Since one of the 5 ways are eliminated already, then the other four ways should be enhanced. It’s like your 5 senses. If you’re blind, then you may be able to smell better. You get what I’m saying? Since you’re here then you already made the decision that you need some advice on your long distance relationship. Below, you will find 5 tips from me personally.

1. Communication is key. Miscommunication can result in many unnecessary arguments and fights. Say exactly what you mean and make sure your partner is comfortable doing the same. Since you can’t be there to talk in person all of the time then you will need to communicate with your love more than what you would if you guys were in the same city. In my opinion, if you’re in a long distance relationship then you should be communicating with your partner 25% more. You don’t have to have a full blown conversation all day everyday but letting them know that you’re thinking about them will do some good for the both of you.

2. There has to be a middle ground. The middle ground that I’m referring to is a common ground. Yes, we have established that you have a long distance relationship but you guys have to make time for each other. There’s no way around that. Text, emails, and phone calls only go so far. You need to be in each others presence for a significant amount of time to really know if you guys are compatible.

Have you heard the saying, “you don’t truly know someone until you move in with them.” It’s very much true. Physical interaction is vital to any relationship being able to function. I’m not saying that you need to move in with each other right now but it’s important that you guys make time to really be around each other. It would suck if the person who you’re in love with isn’t the same person in person. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. A person can give off the perception of being one way through text or on the phone and be totally different in person. It’s laughable in my opinion.

3. Develop an understanding and plan. What is the goal for this relationship? Really think about that question. What are the two of you trying to accomplish? Is the distance permanent? Will the two of you eventually be under one roof? Going into any relationship, both parties should have an understanding of what the goal is. So many people get hurt in relationships because there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the way. Before the two of you get two engulfed in the relationship, have a much needed conversation. If the other person gets uncomfortable having the conversation, then let them know that you’re not trying to back them into a corner. You simply want to make sure that you guys are on the same page. Your relationship will go nowhere fast if you guys lack understanding and direction.

4. Make time to see each other. I am aware that certain situations won’t allow you guys to see each other as often as you would like but time is everything. Real time with each other will allow you guys to connect in a spiritual way that you can not achieve if you’re 1000 miles away. Time where you guys can cut your phones off, look into each other’s eyes, and hold each other. You need the time with each other where nothing else in the world matters. Now, there’s a difference between being around each other but you’re into everything else but each other – and being around each other and everything else doesn’t matter. Make real time for each other.

5. Take Your Time.  Being in a relationship with someone for two years in the same city and being in a long distance relationship for two years are two different things. Seeing each other four days out of the year and seeing each other four times a week are different. I guess what I’m saying is, make sure you have spent at least 3 months of real time with your partner  before trying to advance to the next stage.


That’s all I have for you today folks! Make sure to follow me on Facebook to keep up with my blog post. 🙂

– The Love Gal